Wednesday, February 22, 2006

XJAM Minot, ND 2/16/06

From Minot, ND @ Dae Udder place XJAM presented 7 matches. The Udder place is a bar & casino that is heavy on the bar and light on the casino.

The first match of the night was Red Lightning vs Dirty Ernie. It was hardcore rules and they used the old regulars of hard core matches such as the cookie sheet and garbage can. Dirty Ernie won the match after a pile driver. This was my first time seeing Dirty Ernie.

In the next match local boy Bejamin Sailer battled Animal Sam w/Valkyrie. For some odd reason some of the fans were cheering for the Animal. With a little help from the lady who holds his chain Animal Sam won the match.

The XJAM heavyweight champion Sammy Savard took on the challenge of The Patriot III. The Patriot looked more like the Masked Jungle Fighter with out the big gut. Savard held on to this belt with a little help from the ring ropes.

In another hardcore type match Big Nasty beat Dirty Dan Hanson with a choke slam. Of course he was able to give the choke slam after Dan's cousin Emma turned on him and threw some powder in his eyes. Yes, that is a stapler in Dan's hand and he did use it.

Rain took the ladies title away from Ann-Thraxx but I'm not really sure why. Molly Holly got involved in the end of the match and the title went to Rain. Molly was at the gimmick table when I guess she saw Ann-Thraxx cheating to win. So Charlie booked Molly to ref the rematch between Rain and Ann-Thraxx.

In tag team action Havoc (Keith Walker & Jason Bates) beat XJAM X champion Lenny Lane and XJAM heavyweight champion Sammy Savard. Lane was suppose to tag with Tony DaNucci but Tony was unable to make it to Minot so after XJAM promoter Charlie put some names of the boys in the back and some crazy mf'ers in the audience in a hat he picked out Sammy Savard. The team of Lenny and Sammy were not able to work very well together and they ended up getting beat by Havoc. This was my first time seeing both members of Havoc and I'm sure I'll see them again on WWE tv. They are some big boys.

In his XJAM debut Arik Cannon challenged the XJAM cruiser weight champ Mentallo to a 2 out of 3 falls match. Mentallo won this 2 falls to 1. This was my first time seeing Menatall and I liked what I saw. He has a cool mask.

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