Friday, March 03, 2006

MPW Minneapolis, MN 2/28/2006

Midwest Pro Wrestling held it's monthly card at in the First Ave main room on a Tuesday night.
In the first match of the night The Asylum beat Craven Knyte. This was my 3rd time photographing a Kraven match but first time I noticed his 'moon boots'. He even got a Napoleon Dynamite chant.
The second match of the night saw the First Ave return of Buddha as he took on Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday. Buddha is now half the man he used to be as he has lost a lot of weight. Buddha won the match but only after getting a kiss on the lips from Spiderbaby.
Arik Cannon debuted his new black and yellow gear, too bad he didn't call his opponent to see what he was going to wear to the match. His opponent this night was Kid Krazy who has been wearing yellow and black for a few years now. Kid Krazy was so pissed that Cannon would steal his colors that he hit Cannon with the world of pain to get the 3 count.
Mitch Paradise beat Big Daddy Hoofer. Paradise came out wearing some title belt but I'm not sure what title that was.
The Genuine Article Chris Jordan defeated Magnus Maximus.
Jessica Dalton (formally known as O.D.B.) defeated Rain with a little help from the ropes. The fans at First Ave got to see a little more of Dalton as her ass was showing for about 2 minutes.
MPW cruiser weigh champion Nate Bash retained his title against the challenge of 'Playboy' Pete Huge. Being that February is 'black history month' I thought I should point out that Nate Bash is the first MPW black champion.

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