Thursday, March 16, 2006

Neo Pro 3/12/2006 Fairbult, MN

Neo Pro's weekly Sunday show presented these matches on 3/12/06 from the Neo Pro arena/training center. They moved their start time up to 4pm for the Sunday night shows which is a good thing because it was raining/snowing when the show was over and the weather got worse a few hours later.
Cody O'Neill made Joessiah tap out with some kind of leg/head lock. I'll have to ask Cody if he has a name for that hold. It was good to see Joessiah again.
John Johnson beat Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday.
Neo Pro cruiser weight champion Joey Envy beat his former friend Aaron Corbin.
There were two more matches but I was having technical difficulties with my camera. So instead of taking photos I watched Kid Krazy's new DVD. This DVD is awesome! If he had a way to order it on line I would give a link but for now the DVD is only available at shows that Kid Krazy is on.

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