Monday, March 20, 2006

NIW Forest Lake, MN 3/19/06

Norther IMPACT Wrestling had a raffel lottery fans choice show on 3/19/2006 @ the VFW in Forest Lake, MN. At last months Forest Lake show fans bought a raffel ticket for a chance to decide a singles match at this show. After that match was picked the following winners picked envolopes with wrestlers names in them and the names were placed in one of 5 matches. This made for some very interesting match ups.
Match one was an IMPACT Carmavel between Nate Bash, Ryan Cruz, Vinnie Divine, Dano Tep, Ben Sailer and Pete Mack. This was Pete Macks (seen here powere body slamming Nate Bash)first match in 6 months so it was a surpise to see him in this match. Ben Sailer finished off Dano Tep with a spin kick to the face for the win.
Pete Huge & Venom were team up to take on Bret O'Brian & Malikite. Venon and O'Brian are usually tagging together but in this match they had to wrestle each other. It wasn't untill late in the match that the two were tagged in to face each other. As they hesitated to actually wrestle their partners hit their finishing move and got a pin. Ref Rob Page declaired the match a draw.
For the lottery singles match Casanova was picked to face Chris Jordan. I'm not sure but I think this is the first time these two have faced each other. Both of them tried to cheat to win during the match but it was The Genuine Article Chris Jordan who got the win with his feet on the ropes. After the match Jordan challenged The Prophet for his IMPACT title.
In another singles match and first time match up Cody O'Neill wrestled The Bad Man Bobby Mafi. Cody Came out with a head mic on and did commentary during the match at least for a little while untill he decided that he shouldn't take Bobby too lightly. In the end it was Cody who had his shoulders down for the 3 count. But man, Cody on the mic was funny stuff.
In the raffel lottery fans pick match Trent Jones got to test his skills against Arik Cannon. I think the fan who picked this match just wanted to see Jones get chopped untill his chest was dark red. Jones debuted his new gear and he might want to make sure he wears this new gear as his 'lucky' gear. That of make sure that he gets help from others to win which is what he did to beat Cannon.
The NIW tag team title was on the line as one half of Northstar Express Darin Corbin teamed with Kid Krazy because of the lottery to face Rob James and NIW champion Al B.C.. All hell broke loose during this match as The Junk Squad came out to attack Corbin. The other member of NSE Ryan Cruz came out to help as Cannon came out to attack James who interfered in his match. Everyone but Krazy and Al fought to the back locker room. Krazy pinned Al after 2 running kicks to the face, the Uh-Oh kick.

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