Friday, March 31, 2006

Neo Pro 3/25/2006 Londsdale, MN

This Saturday night was the due date of my baby but my wife said she was it wasn't going to happen tonight. But if it were to happen Lonsdale, MN was not too far away so I made the drive down there for the Neo Pro wrestling card. Thanks to Shimdog for making sure that my wife could get a hold of me if something did happen. My cell phone did not get a good signal in that small town. Not only do I wish that this small MN town would get better cell signals but I also wish they would get with the big cities and ban smoking in bars. I hate smoky bars! What really sucks is how many children are at these shows in Lonsdale and it seems that about 90% of the adults smoke.
A tag team title match was the first match of the night as the Neo Pro tag team champions The O'Neill Twinz took on former tag team partners JB Trask and Johnny Parks. Trask and Parks used to be know as the Lost Souls a few years back in the now defunct SDW. The O'Neills won the match after a little switcher roo. Yep, they cheated.
Pete Huge beat El Viejo with the 'G spot for real'. Funny match.
Shimdog was scheduled to wrestle Jessica Dalton in an evening gown match but Dalton was unable to make it this night. With out an opponent Shimdog made a challenge to one of the O'Neill twins and it was Cory who answered that challenge. Shimdog won the match with the help of some brass knuckles. After the match Aaron Corbin came out and attacked his old partner. Once Aaron and Cory ko'ed Shimdog they put him in a dress.
Neo Pro cruiserweight champion Joey Envy retained his belt against Kamakazi Klecker by DQ. It was Joey who used a ladder to hit Klecker to get the DQ which made Commish Dolan set up a ladder match between these two. Joey has probly been in the most Neo Pro ladder matches.
The Big Gunns beat Neo Pro heavy weight champion The Black Stallion and Aaron Corbin.
John Johnson beat Magnus Maximus in a rematch from the last Lonsdale card.

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