Monday, April 10, 2006

NIW Amery, WI 4/8/2006

On Saturday night April 8, 2006 Northern Impact Wrestling presented 'No Sign Of Surrender' at the Northstar Event Center in Amery, WI. On this night the place didn't seem as smoky as it usually does so that was great. Before the matches started I was able to show off photos of my new baby girl.
The opening bout was between Cody O'Neill and J.O.E. I'm not sure what the j.o.e stands for. This was not one of Codys best matches as in the end hit was his shoulders that were on the mat for the 3 count. Cody was at another card earlier in the day so that may have had something to do with performance in the ring.
NIW champion Al B.C. defended his title against The Professional Ben Sailer who earned this match a few weeks ago in Forest Lake, MN. Al was able to hold on to his belt a little while longer but only because he got held from Rob James.The Badman beat Pete Mack. I think he should change his name to The Goodman as he does seem to get cheers from the fans now a days.
At the last NIW card Chris Jordan challenged the NIW Impact champion, The Prophet for a shot at the title. Jordan was unable to beat the Prophet for the belt.
Playboy Pete Huge beat Kid Krazy but only with help from his Junk Squad partner Chris Jordan.
The NIW tag team belts changed hands in a 4 team elimination match as Dano Tep & Trent Jones beat The Northstar Express. This ended NSE's 8 month title reign.
The Punisher Rob James beat The Anarchrist Arik Cannon 2 falls to 1. The final fall was a street fight and both wrestlers got bloody. Cannon kicked James in the crotch a bunch of times, hence the position of his hand in this photo. The stipulation for this match was that loser would have to no longer wrestle in Amery, WI but NIW commish Frosty tore that contract up after Cody O'Neill helped James win the thrid fall so Cannon could still wrestle in Amery, WI.

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