Thursday, August 05, 2010

8 Stupid Questions with Arik Cannon

Name: Arik Cannon
height: 5'8"
Weight: 215 lbs
Years pro: 9+
Home town: Wyoming, MN
1. Why did you want to become a pro wrestler? When I was just a little Arik Cannon, wrestling took priority over Saturday morning cartoons. I watched it as much as I could, rented all the VHS tapes from the local video store whenever Mama Cannon would let me. This was a trend that continued, and just never quit. As I grew older, I continued to collect wrestling videos from all over the world. It was just something I always wanted to do.The Characters, the physicality, the good vs. evil, all of it...I just couldn't get enough of it. (Cannon vs Skayde 9/20/03 MPW)
2. You were on a short lived MTV promotion Wrestling Society X. I thought the show would have lasted for more then one season if MTV would have promoted it by putting some of the wrestlers on other MTV shows. Which show would you pick to be on had you been given the choice? Room Raiders, Pimp My Ride or Next? I agree. There was little to no promotion done by MTV, and I definitely think that played a big part in WSX only lasting one season.That, and 'The Hills'. I blame 'The Hills'. Have you seen the chicks on that show? That said, had you listed 'The Hills' as I'd have totally picked that. But, you didn't. So I'll go with...Next! (Cannon vs Christy Hemme 8/01/09 HOW)
3. Do you like cops? Total coin flip. Some cops are pretty cool. While others... They just aren't. Sheriff's though, now that is another story! (Cannon with sheriff Johnny Emerald 1/23/05 MPW)
4. What is the best pro wrestling video game ever? Great question. I'm having trouble deciding between Fire Pro Wrestling D for the Dreamcast and Virtual Pro Wrestling for the N64. Both are top shelf goodness. Each game is so different, yet so awesome. Ca we say it's a tie? (Cannon vs Darin Corbin 1/14/06 3XW)
5. On May 28th, 2010 F1rst Wrestling co-promoted an event with Wrestlicious. If there were a male version of Wrestlicoious which stereo type character would you be? (There are no Anarchist in Wrestlicious.) Ummm... I guess I'd have to go with the male version of Felony. The jailbird. It's the closest thing to an Anarchist, right? (Cannon vs Danny Daniels 9/29/07 AAW)
6. Are you a good dancer? I've been told I am, butt...I'm not so sure that's the case. I can do the worm. (Cannon vs Rob James 6/9/07 NIW)
7. Where is the weirdest/oddest place you've ever wrestled at? Weirdest... Oddest... As in the Men's Room at the First Avenue Nightclub? (Cannon vs Horace the Psychopath 6/20/08 F1rst Wrestling)
8. Do you like beer? I like beer. Mich. Golden Light, Coors light, Miller lite, ect. -Pint Glass, and I kindly ask the bartender to toss a couple olives into it. (Cannon vs Rob James 2/3/06 NIW)

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