Monday, February 27, 2006

Neo Pro Lonsdale, MN 2/25/2006

Neo Pro wrestling was back at the South 40 pub in Lonsdale, MN for another night of wrestling action featuring some of the top wrestlers in the midwest. This place is a great place for wrestling except for the smoke and location. But on the plus side the place was pretty ful with about 150 fans in attendance.
The card opened with a 4 man cruiserweight title match. Joey E became the Neo Pro cruiserweight champion by defeating Kamakazi Klecker, Casanova and the man who entered the match as champ, El Viejo.
Two men from Canada wrestled each other in the next match. It was Zakk maxxim who got the pin on Beautiful Bobby Jay.
Next out was 'Live Wire' Johnny Parks as he challenged anyone to a match. First out was one of the newest trainees from the Neo Pro camp, Jake. After Parks KOed Jake a new challenger came out, this time it was Jason. The photo on the right I belive was seconds after the ring rope broke off the post after Jason bounced off the ropes. There was no way to fix the top rope so the rest of the matches were done with only 2 ropes, the bottom and middle.
Magnus Maximus beat John Johnson in some what of a hard core match as a ladder was use a bunch of times.
The main event of the night was a 6 person tag match between The Junk Squad/Shimdog and The Twinz/Jessica Dalton. This match would have been a whole lot better if there was a top rope. The match ended when Dalton pinned Shimdog to set up a match for next time in Lonsdale. Oh yeah, before this match there was a special appearance by Ken Kennedy.

NIW Forest Lake, MN 2/19/2006

Northern Impact Wrestling returned to Forest Lake, MN in my 4th show of the weekend on a long road trip.
In the opening match The Bad Man Bobby Mafi beat Trent Jones & Dano Tep in a handicap match.
Ben Sailer said he could make Vinnie Devine tap out but he ended up getting pinned by VD.
Cody O'Neill defeated Bret O'Brian in the battle of the O's. For some odd reason Cody came out to Madonna's 'like a virgin'. It was not good.
NIW champion Al B.C. & The Punisher Rob James beat NIW Impact champion The Prophet & Arik Cannon. Pictured on the left is Arik Cannon after he just slapped Rob James's big ass as he was squatting over the Prophet.
Casanova beat Venom and Malikite in a 3 way to be the #1 contender for the NIW Impact title.
The Northstar Express & Kid Krazy Vs The Junk Squad & Tu-Gloccs ended with NSE/Krazy winning by DQ. This 6 man match got way out of hand as it spilled out of the ring and went all over the arena.

3XW Des Moines, IA 2/18/2006

3XW held their first card in their new building, $1 Fitness on this Saturday night. $1 Fitness is in a building that used to be a boat showroom.
The opening match saw Gage Octane get pinned by Jaysin Strife. This was my first time seeing Strife and he reminded me of Matt Sydal a little.
The next match was a tag team match that was set up the month before. The team of Casanova & Devin Carter beat Tony Sly & Matty Fitness.
The third match of the night was between Arik Cannon and Ryan Cruz. This match was for Cannon's 3XW cruiserweight title but Cruz decided to add a little more compition to their contest. He challenged Cannon to a good old fashioned 8x10 sell off. Cannon retained his belt and sold more 8x10's.
Next up was a title unification match between the 3XW heavyweight champion Brian Ash and the 3XW North American champion Big Dog Barber. The ref had his work cut out for him before the bell even rang as he had to remove about 5 foriegn objects from each champion. The both made good use of all the exercise equipment in the arena as they battled outside the ring. In the end it was Ash who got the win and both titles.
Tony Scarpone beat the Freak in the second to last match of the night. Scarpone is a great bad guy.
The main event of the night was a 20 person battle royal. In the photo to the left Nate Bash entered the rummble by doing a 'stage dive' on to a group of wrestlers in the middle of the ring. They body surfed him right over the top rope but he landed on the ring apron and was not eliminated. Egotistico Fantastico won the battle royal rumble when he tossed Gage Octane over the top rope to earn a title shot at the 3XW heavyweight title.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

XJAM Minot, ND 2/17/06

Night 2 of the XJAM double shot was held at the Minot Armory/auditorium. This show featured everyone who was on the card the night before except Keith Walker and Jason Bates as they were fired the night before.
The first match of the night was Red Lightning Vs The Patriot III. Before the match Red got on the mic to tell the crowd that he was proud of his French heritage and that he hated the U.S. of A.. In the end The Patriot's suplexs were to much for Red.

Next match of the night was Animal Sam w/Valkyrie challenging Mentallo for the XJAM cruiser weight title. The match spilled out to the floor where Mentallo gave Sam a ddt on a pile of chairs.

In the third match of the night Arik Cannon battled Benjamin Sailer. The crowd was really behind Sailer who is from near by Bismark, ND. Cannon must not have believed the fans cheers as he challenged Sailer to an 8x10 selling contest at intermission. The two even put on a wager with there after match contest. Who ever sold the fewest 8 x 10's would have to go start the the winners car in the cold Minot night while still in their wrestling gear. Cannon cheated to win the wrestling match. He was no match for Sailer as the Minot fans lined up to buy Sailers 8 x 10's so much so that Sailer sold out of all that he had. But Cannon wasn't done as he didn't want to go out in the cold and possible crack his pleather gear. So he challenged Sailer to on more contest, a thumb wrestling match. Once again Cannon cheat and beat Sailer.

Intermission time at the show with a full gimmick table and Molly Holly signing autographs.

After intermission there was a tag team match that was suppose to be the Dirty Ones, Dan Hanson and Ernie Ellis, Vs Thunder and Lightning, Red Lightning and Bigg Nasty. Before the match Bigg Nasty was attacked by Sam Ellis so he was replaced by Red's manager Eddie Fyne. The Dirty Ones won the match.

Molly Holly was the special guest referee in the ladies title match between new champion Rain and challenger Ann-Thraxx. Molly did her best to make sure Ann didn't cheat but she couldn't see every thing as Ann-Thraxx cheated to get her belt back. Ann got lippy with the former WWE woman's champ but when Molly got physical Ann-Thraxx backed down.

In the main event Lenny Lane unified both XJAM title.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

XJAM Minot, ND 2/16/06

From Minot, ND @ Dae Udder place XJAM presented 7 matches. The Udder place is a bar & casino that is heavy on the bar and light on the casino.

The first match of the night was Red Lightning vs Dirty Ernie. It was hardcore rules and they used the old regulars of hard core matches such as the cookie sheet and garbage can. Dirty Ernie won the match after a pile driver. This was my first time seeing Dirty Ernie.

In the next match local boy Bejamin Sailer battled Animal Sam w/Valkyrie. For some odd reason some of the fans were cheering for the Animal. With a little help from the lady who holds his chain Animal Sam won the match.

The XJAM heavyweight champion Sammy Savard took on the challenge of The Patriot III. The Patriot looked more like the Masked Jungle Fighter with out the big gut. Savard held on to this belt with a little help from the ring ropes.

In another hardcore type match Big Nasty beat Dirty Dan Hanson with a choke slam. Of course he was able to give the choke slam after Dan's cousin Emma turned on him and threw some powder in his eyes. Yes, that is a stapler in Dan's hand and he did use it.

Rain took the ladies title away from Ann-Thraxx but I'm not really sure why. Molly Holly got involved in the end of the match and the title went to Rain. Molly was at the gimmick table when I guess she saw Ann-Thraxx cheating to win. So Charlie booked Molly to ref the rematch between Rain and Ann-Thraxx.

In tag team action Havoc (Keith Walker & Jason Bates) beat XJAM X champion Lenny Lane and XJAM heavyweight champion Sammy Savard. Lane was suppose to tag with Tony DaNucci but Tony was unable to make it to Minot so after XJAM promoter Charlie put some names of the boys in the back and some crazy mf'ers in the audience in a hat he picked out Sammy Savard. The team of Lenny and Sammy were not able to work very well together and they ended up getting beat by Havoc. This was my first time seeing both members of Havoc and I'm sure I'll see them again on WWE tv. They are some big boys.

In his XJAM debut Arik Cannon challenged the XJAM cruiser weight champ Mentallo to a 2 out of 3 falls match. Mentallo won this 2 falls to 1. This was my first time seeing Menatall and I liked what I saw. He has a cool mask.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

NIW Amery, WI 2/4/06

Northern Impact Wrestling presented a card at the North Star Event Center in Amery, WI. About 100 paid to see the show.
Ref Rob Page shows off his new NIW ref shirt. It's a bowling shirt believe it or not. I like the new look but Rob needs to get a shirt his size.
The Professional Benjamin Sailer beat Malikite. The The foreign object that Malikite hide in the top turnbuckle pad fell and almost hit me on the head. Its dangerous around ringside.
In a match to unify the two NIW singles titles The Prophet beat AL B.C. by DQ. So no titles changed hands.
The North Star Express held on to there tag titles as Ryan Cruz got the pin in this 3 way tag team match. The other teams were Venom/Chris Jordan and Dan Otep/Trent Jones. Chris Jordan (in photo to left kicking Darin Corbin) was a replacement for Cory O'Neill who decided he wanted to go to the Neo Pro show instead. The match ended with a little disagreement between Cruz and Corbin but they patched things up before they left the ring which is good because they are a good tag team and there are not many of those around.
Kid Krazy beat Cody O'Neill. Boy were the fans into this match. In the end Kid Krazy hit Cody with the Canadian Destroyer for the win. This pissed off Cody so he attacked Krazy. Maybe Cody was a little upset that his brother Cory went to that neo pro show so he took it out on Krazy.
The Punisher Rob James beat The Anarchrist Arik Cannon in an Amery street fight. I have photographed these two in singles matches against each other a bunch of times in the last 6 months and this one was one of their wildest yet. Cannon gave James a swirly. Yes, a freakin swirly and I do have the photos to prove it. I hope Cannon checked to make sure the last woman in that stall flushed. The crowd really got nasty during this match as the chanted 'you suck cock' in reference to James. Sure it was a bar show but there were some young kids in the crowd. Which reminds me, I hate bar shows where smoking is allowed.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

MPW Minneapolis, MN 1/31/06

From the First Ave main room in Minneapolis, MN MPW presents...
Animal Sam defeated Craven Knyte. This was Knytes second match at First Ave. Last month he teamed with Ryan Cruz as they lost to the Junk Squad.
The Asylum beat Zero Kincade. In Asylums second match at First Ave he faced the challenge of Zero who made is first in ring appearance at First Ave.
Magnus Maximus beat Big Daddy Hoofer.
In a battle of heavy weight Vs cruiser weight Mitch Paradise beat Kid Krazy. As you can see in this photo Kid Krazy had a cut on his chin. His chin met with Paradise's hard head. This was only the second time that Krazy has bleed in a match. After the show Krazy got 5 stiches.
Jessica Dalton & Cody O'neill defeated The Junk Squad. Sure, they had a little help from Magnus Maximus but it wouldn't have happened if Chris Jordan didn't get in Magnus's face earlier in the night. Jessica Dalton was formally known as ODB.
Nate Bash won the MPW cruiser weight title when he pinned Arik Cannon. During the match Cannon knocked a beer out of one of Bash's fans hands. Shame on him for that waste of beer. Yeah, Nate got a little help from Punisher Rob James. But as with Chris Jordan, Cannon had it coming as he used the belt to beat Bash when he won the title.