Friday, August 24, 2012

ODB VS Mr. Anderson 12/23/2003

While watching the August 23, 2012 edition of Impact Wrestling I saw an ODB promo followed by Mr. Anderson heading to the ring. This reminded me of the time that these two faced each other in a mixed tag team. The match took place at First Ave in Minneapolis, MN back on December 23, 2003. Anderson’s partner was Tracy Brooks and ODB teamed with Shawn Daivari.
219-1930_IMGODB shows Ken Anderson what she thinks of him.
219-1918_IMGWith referee Terry Fox looking on ODB smashed Ken Anderson and Tracy Brook’s heads together.
219-1938_IMGKen Anderson had ODB under control for a short time.
219-1954_IMGODB got the pin on Ken Anderson & Tracy Brooks with the help of Shawn Daivair’s magic carpet.

Friday, August 10, 2012

AWF Rockford, MN 8/4/2012

The American Wrestling Federation had a fund raiser event for the Rockford fire department at the Rockford community center this past Saturday night. To help out the RFD the AWF brought out the big gun, Bill Gunn. Rockford is the home town of AWF referee Rob Page. He was super excited to get back to ‘The Rock’.
IMG_3773Black Stallion defeated Arik Cannon in the opining match. Stallion didn’t do it all on his own. As Stallion distracted referee Rob Page John Johnson came to the ring and hit Cannon with his finishing move.
IMG_3858Ryan Cruz beat Arya Daivari by DQ. Ref Rob Page actually saw Daivari hit Cruz with a low blow and he called for the bell.
IMG_4004Tony DeNucci pinned Rob James after a frog splash.
IMG_4065AWF Elite champion Craven Knyte pinned Sammy Savard to retain the belt.
IMG_4325Billy Gunn pinned John Johnson after the fame asser. Black Stallion came to the ring to help Johnson. Johnny Parks then came out to even the odds and hand cuff Stallion to the ropes.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

BCW New Brighton, MN 8/3/2012

Born Champions Wrestling debuted at their new venue this past Friday night, The Mirage Bar & Grill. This venue used to be a VFW and the former home of the Western Wrestling Association. I was really hoping that Sonny Bright or Terrible Terri would show up for this event. Sadly that didn’t happen. Not even the Master showed up.
IMG_2492BCW tag team champions In Shape & Insane defeated Midwest Ground & Air to retain the belts. Rob James got the pin on Nate Bash as Horace kept Benjamin Sailer out of the ring. If heard that one of these four wrestlers will be done with pro wrestling soon.
IMG_2558Zero Kincaid made his return to the ring when he defeated Cougar. I’m not sure where Kincaid has been but maybe he spent some time traveling in a TARDIS as the music he came out to was a metal version of the Doctor Who theme. There were some Whovians in the crowd as they came up with some great chants for this match. Such as when Kincaid got a two count from the referee they would chant “That was Pertwee”. Jon Pertwee was the third Doctor. It would have been really cool if Kincaid would have been matched against the WWA’s Master for this match.
IMG_3282Zero Kincade is not the only whovian pro wrestler. There is another pro wrestler from the Twin cities area who actually has this tattoo on his arm. Any guess’s as to who it is? And if you haven’t yet guessed that I’m a whovian as well then I’ll let you know that I am watching The Science of Doctor Who as I write this.
IMG_2653Arik Cannon defeated Kamikaze Klecker when Klecker was no longer able to compete. When the match moved out of the ring Cannon hit Klecker with a forearm that knocked Klecker to the concrete floor. Klecker hit his head on the floor and blood came pouring out from the back of his head. This was one of the worst blood flows I’ve seen since Horace squirted blood from his forehead at F1rst Wrestling. (What ever happened to F1rst Wrestling? Wonder if we will ever see pro wrestling at First Ave ever again.) Klecker was taken to the hospital after he was able to get to his feet.
IMG_2745Udo retained the BCW Twin Cities championship in a match against The Prophet, Ryan Cruz and Craven Knyte. The end came when Cruz and Knyte hit their finishers on The Prophet and Udo. Cruz then went after Knyte as Udo fell of The Prophet for the pin.
IMG_2993BCW heavy weight champion Darin Corbin continued his streak of beating MN indy vets. This time he faced his biggest challenge in Mitch Paradise. To get the win Corbin once again needed the help of Entourage members Adam Diesel  and Craven Knyte.
IMG_3103Darin Corbin was feeling cocky after his win over Paradise that he challenged anyone in the back to a match. Arik Cannon came out to accept the challenge. Corbin pinned Cannon after a ginger snap.
IMG_3534The main event for this event was a ‘fans bring the weapons’ match between Venom and Bret O’Brian with Judd Jennrich as the special referee. Some of the weapons the fans brought were whips, canes, bag of flour, Best of Arik Cannon vol 1 VHS tape, computer keyboard, Baby Mama DVD, and a lifeguard tube. Whoa nellie, this was a messy match! With the bag of flour and spilt beverages at ring side the bottom of my shoes were covered with with while goo. Venom got the 3 count after slamming O’Brian on to a bunch of thumb tacks.

Friday, August 03, 2012

BCW Brooklyn Park, MN 7/20/2012

Born Champions Wrestling was in action on this Friday night at Elks Lodge #44 in Brooklyn Park, MN. This card featured the tournament of Kings.
IMG_1758Craven Knyte pinned Kamikaze Klecker in the first first round match.
IMG_1843The Patriot III beat Trent Jones and The Cougar in a three way match. I laughed my ass off when Jones ran into a post next to the ring.
IMG_1866Venom pinned The Prophet in the second first round tournament match.
IMG_1939Bret O’Brian with Judd Jennrich defeated Darius Dreams.
IMG_2015BCW Twin Cities champion Udo pinned Rob James after a head butt.
IMG_2268BCW heavy weight champion Darin Corbin pinned Arik Cannon with a roll up. This was a wild a crazy match.
IMG_2320Craven Knyte pinned Venom in under 10 seconds to win the Tournament of Kings. After the match Venom was attacked by Bret O’Brian and Judd Jennrich.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Missouri Wrestling Revival 2011 Yearbook

MWRFinal495x640When I got home from my trip down to Waterloo, IA there was a copy of the Missouri Wrestling Revival 2011 Yearbook waiting for me. Whoa, Nellie! This yearbook was much more then what I was expecting. It’s huge! Coming in at 266 pages with over 400 photos. This yearbook covers promotions in the four state area of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois such as 3XW, St. Louis Anarchy, World League Wrestling, and Metro Pro Wrestling. I highly recommend this book to every indy wrestling fan in the MWR coverage area and beyond.

IMG_1159Brian Kelly (seen in the photo here photographing a match between Miss Natural and Stacey O’Brien at a 3XW event) is the man behind MWR and the MWR 2011 Yearbook. Kelly took over the MWR web site after founder Josh Ray was unable to give it the attention that it needed about 3 years ago. Kudos to Kelly, Ray and crew for all the hard work they put into promoting  the wrestlers and promotions of the MWR area.