Sunday, July 30, 2017

HOW Duluth, MN 6/11/17

Promotion: Heavy On Wrestling
Time/Date: 4:30 p.m. Sunday June 11, 2017
City, State: Duluth, MN
Venue: Clyde Iron Works

Airwolf defeated Craven Knyte in the opening match.

Keely Quinn was announced as the new general manager of HOW. The first thing she did was announce that Dan Jesser would join Abyss in the casket match against Mitch Paradise.

King Leonidas pinned Cooter Bocephus.

Copper Teeth ( Duke Cornell & Chainsaw King) defeated Zero Tolerance (Black Stallion & John Johnson).

Kody Rice beat Scott Story.

For that match Cody Rice was managed by Jimmy Hart.

Mitch Paradise won the casket match against Abyss & Dan Jesser when he closed the door with Jesser in the casket.

Darin Corbin defeated Arik Cannon 2 falls to 1.

That match was for the vacated HOW Undisputed championship.Former NWA champion Tommy "Wildfire" Rich came to the ring to present Corbin with the title belt.

The next HOW event at Clyde Iron Works is October 29, 2017.
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

MIW Roseville, MN 6/10/17

Promotion: Minnesota Independent Wrestling
Time/Date: 4 p.m. Saturday June 10, 2017
City, State: Roseville, MN
Venue: parking lot of Grumpy's Bar

It was a very hot and windy day in Roseville. The temperature was in the 90's so the venue decided to put up a tent for shade and that meant no cage match as advertised.

The ring announcer for the night was Joe Macko. He must have been very warm in that tux.

Macko looks a lot like a guy who used to referee at back in the '90's.

Kody Rice defeated Officer Rob Justice.

Chris Jordan pinned Stonehenge Joseph Wayne.

Mitch Paradise beat "Heavy Metal" Lore. This match was suppose to be a the cage match. It was so hot out referee Rob Page wore shorts!

Ty Cooper defeated Aiden Wake.

MIW champion Scott Story defeated Ryan Cruz to retain the title.

Friday, July 14, 2017

F1RST Wrestling 6/3/17

Promotion: F1RST Wrestling
Time/Date: 8 p.m. Saturday June 3, 2017
City, State: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: First Avenue

Wrestlepalooza X
Not only was this the tenth Wrestlepalooza but it was also the 10th anniversary show for F1RST Wrestling.

Wrestlepalooza champion Arik Cannon defeated Airwolf to retain the title.

After the match Molly Holly and Shawn Daivari came to the ring. They presented Airwolf as the first graduate from The Academy School of Professional Wrestling.

The next match was for the DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalwieght championship. Champion Joey Ryan faced off against Grado.

Grado rolled up Joey Ryan for the 3 count to win the DDT Pro Ironman heavymetalweight title.

Queenie Von Curves pinned Grado to become the new DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight champion.

Joey Ryan won the belt for the 46th time when he pinned Queenie Von Curves.

Rapper Prof got in the ring to drop some rhymes.

Venom won a 3 way match against Jake Parnell and Scott Story.

Burlesque from Scarlette Revolver was next.

Chuck Taylor defeated Mat Fitchett.

Super Thunder Frog, Wildcat & Ryan Cruz defeated Whirlwind Gentlemen (Remy Marcel & Jake Manley) & Darin Corbin in a 6 man tag match.

Cruz and the animals got some help from Prof. Darin Corbin was powerbombed then chocked slammed by Prof.

Burlesque from former DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight champion Queenie Von Curves in a Xena inspired outfit.

Joey Ryan and Chuck Taylor came out to the ring and called out Wrestlepalooza champion Arik Cannon. Other wrestlers such as Venom, Ryan Cruz, Super Thunder Frog, Wildcat and referee Rob Page came to the ring as well. They all came to the ring to congratulate Cannon on 10 years of F1RST Wrestling. A video was played featuring Jerry Lynn, Ariya Daivari and Scott Hall talking about F1RST Wrestling.

In the main event Drago pinned Fire Ant.