Sunday, December 16, 2007

NLW St. Paul, MN 12/15/2007

I attended my last wrestling card for 2007 when I went to the Eagles Club in St. Paul, MN this last Saturday night for Northern Lights Wrestling.
Darrel Hall defeated Ace of Harts in the opening match.
Jonny Goldengate beat Derrick Devlin.
Red Lightning & Johnny Riddlin beat Criminal Minds.
Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday retained his NLW Midwest title against 'the upgrade' Jake Taylor.
Paul Van Dyke beat Ian Xavier in a 'salute the flag match'. The loser of the match had to salute the flag of the winners country. Van Dyke is an Iraq war vet and Xavier is a Canadian.
Van Dyke made his debut on 10/02/2005 in Faribualt, MN for Neo Pro wrestling. He was training to be a wrestler and wanted to have his first match before he was sent off to Iraq. In his first match he beat Aaron Corbin.

Monday, December 10, 2007

FLWA Bloomington, MN 12/8/2007

The French Lakes Wrestling Association returned to action at the VFW in Bloomington, MN for a Saturday afternoon event.
Dominick Ether put 'Playboy' Pete Huge to sleep for the win. Ether also goes by the name John Johnson.
Cooter Hayseed beat Sammy Savard by DQ.
Chadwick Wentworth III beat The last of the Carnys JB Trask with a little help from his manager Mago. Once again we have a name change as Wentworth usually goes by The Black Stallion.
Kenny 'the Sod buster' Jay & his granddaughter Korina Kay beat Dan Jesser & Allison Wonderland. The ref for this match may have been a little biased as he is the son of Jay and I believe the father of Kay.
Shimdog (here's a guy who could use a name change. what the hell is a 'Shimdog'?) beat Arya Daivari in a capture the flag match to win the FLWA VFW title. This was a 'anything goes' match that went all over the VFW bingo hall.
Brody Hoofer defeated Mitch Paradise to win the vacated FLWA heavy weight title. Once again manager Mago got involved but this time he hit the wrong wrestler.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MIW Chanhassen, MN 11/03/2007

From the American Legion in Chanhassen, MN Minnesota Independent Wrestling held their first card since March. This was the first time they used this venue and it was a sell out crowd on this Saturday night.
Matt Burns beat The Alter Boy.
James Thomas defeated Bobby Jay.
Pete Huge beat Mickey Miracle.
Mitch Paradise defeated Zac Mercury
MIW heavy weight champion Brody Hoofer defeated Mickey McCoy.
Pete Huge defeated Matt Burns and James Thomas in a triple threat to be the new #1 contender.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3XW Adel, IA 10/27/2007

3XW held Halloween Horror II on Saturday October 27th, 2007 in Adel, Iowa at the Dallas county fair grounds community center.
Ryan Slade & the Welfare Check Connection defeated Jimmy Rockwell, Ricky Kwong & Brady A. Dezire. I was surprised to see the cow pants that Dezire wears in the locker room as it's been about 3 years since I've seen him up in Minnesota with MPW.
3XW cruiser weight champion Casanova beat Shane Hollister to retain the belt.
3XW Pure Wrestling champion Maddog McDowell defeated Krotch to retain the title.
Bryce Benjamin beat Dan Lawrence to win the new 3XW Alternative title in a hard core match. Benjamin didn't actually wrestle in this match as he had an injured shoulder. Ryan Slade, Aaron Masterson and Zach Thompson did all the wrestling for Bryce and that was ok as this this was a hard core match and there are no DQ's in a hard core match.
The Northstar Express retained the 3XW tag team title in a ladder match against Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer.
Jaysin Strife beat Stephen Saint.
3XW heavy weight champion Devin Carter defended his belt twice in one night as he first defeated Knight Wagner then Mark Sterling.
Gage Octane beat Brain Ash in a looser leaves 3XW match.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

NLW St. Paul, MN 10/20/2007

Northern Lights Wrestling held their first card at their new home venue, the Eagles Club in St. Paul, MN on Saturday 10/20/07.
The card opened with Steve Stardom VS Daryl Hall. Stardom got the pin after a piledriver.

Next up was Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday VS Zero Kincade. Saturday got the win.

Red Lightning beat Ian Xavier by DQ when "Spiderbaby" interferred in the match. Kincade came out to help out Red Lightning and that set up a tag team title match for the main event.
NLW heavyweight champion Buddah beat Johnny Goldengate to retain the title. Goldengate made a young girl sitting in the front row cry.

In a two out of 3 falls match for the NLW tag team title Red Lightning & Zero Kincade beat Ian Xavier & Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday to win the belts.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

AWA RUSH Mankato, MN 10/12/2007

AWA RUSH held their one year anniversary card this last Friday but unfortunatly it was their last card as well. RUSH owner/promoter Mike "Gator Magraw" Kinney retired from wrestling this summer and he now decided to retire from wrestling all together and close his promotion. Although during some of the times he got on the mic he did make it sound like RUSH might return next year.
Arya Daivari pinned Casanova after a magic carpet ride.
Cory O'Neill pinned Gage Octane after a standing spanish fly.
Arik Cannon pinned Brody Hoofer after the glimmering warlock.
Devin Carter pinned Aaron Corbin with help from the ropes to retain the AWA RUSH YouTube title.
Professionaly Dangerous (Jaysin Strife & Benjamin Sailer) beat the Junk Squad (Peter Huge & Kleck Michaels) to win the AWA RUSH tag team titles.
AWA light heavy weight champion "Krazy K" Kirby Mack retained his title against Matty Star as they were both counted out of the ring. Every promotion that is a member of the AWA must have an AWA title defense in their promotion at least once a year. Because of that RUSH brought in Mack to defend his title against the winner of the Grapple Cup tournament that was held last month. Promoter Gator Magarw announced that this was the first time an AWA title was defended in Minnesota since 1991 when the old AWA shut down.
The Black Stallion retained his AWA RUSH heavyweight championship against Shimdog.

Monday, October 01, 2007

AAW Berwyn, IL 9/29/2007

All American Wrestling presented 'Rise of the Machine Guns' on September 29th, 2007 in Berwyn, Ill, at the Eagles Club.
The night started off with a 10 man tag dark match. A lot of the guys in this match I had never seen before.
Jimmy Jacobs defeated Dan Lawrence.
"Skullkrusher" Rasche Brown beat Brandon Blaze.
Michigan Invasion beat Absolute Answer, Tyme Paige & Charlie Manson Jr and DP Associates in a 4 corner tag match.
Krotch beat Silas Young.
AAW tag team champions The Murder City Machine Guns beat Christian York and Joey Mercury to retain the titles.
Arik Cannon beat Danny Daniels.
Eric Priest & Matt Cross beat the Northstar Express.
Tyler Black defeated Austin Aries.
Adrenaline Overdose defeated The Phoenix Twins w/ Joey Eastman in a TLC match. This was a bloody match as Bryce Benjamin had a 'crimson mask by the end of the match.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

AWA RUSH Mankato, MN 9/22/2007

AWA RUSH presented 'Grapple Cup', an 8 man tournament to decide who would face the AWA light heavyweight champion on the first anniversary card in October 2007. This card took place at the Eagles Club on a Saturday night. My camera was now fixed and this was the first card I was able to make it to in over a month. Before the first bell Gator Magraw got on the mic and announced that all AWA RUSH DVD's and t-shirts were on sale for $5. I guessed that it was a 'going out of business' sale and just today I learned that that was a correct guess. RUSH owner/promoter Gator Magraw announced today that AWA RUSH would run one more card then it will be done.
The opening match was between Kleck Micheals and Arya Daivari. Micheals tag team partner Pete Huge was at ring side and he got involved in the match. Arya won by DQ.
Jaysin Strife ran in to save Daivari from the two on one beat down by the Junk Squad. That lead to the frist round match between Stryfe and Pete Huge. Stryfe got the win with a roll up after Huge bumped into his partner.
Shimdog beat Casanova to move onto the second round. Casanova is now without the mullet that he has that broke my camera.
Mike Rollins made his RUSH debut but lost to Matty Star. Before that match Magraw stated that if Starr lost then he would have to buy a beer/soda for everyone in the crowd.
Brody Hoofer beat Cory O'Neill in the last first round match.
Matty Starr defeated Brody Hoofer with a little help from Casanova to move on to the Grapple Cup final and once again get out of buying everyone beer/soda.
Shimdog moved on to the finals as his opponent Jaysin Strife was DQed when the Junk Squad attacked Shimdog.
Devin Carter retained his RUSH YouTube championship against Benjamin Sailer.
Black Stallion beat Aaron Corbin to win the AWA RUSH heavyweight title. This was Stallions first match in RUSH.
Matty Starr pinned Shimdog to win the AWA RUSH Grapple Cup. Referee Rick Reed was hurting a little too much to notice that Starr was using the ropes to get the pin. Starr will now face AWA light heavyweight champion Kirby Mack on October 12, 2007 on the AWA RUSH's last card.