Friday, March 31, 2006

Neo Pro 3/25/2006 Londsdale, MN

This Saturday night was the due date of my baby but my wife said she was it wasn't going to happen tonight. But if it were to happen Lonsdale, MN was not too far away so I made the drive down there for the Neo Pro wrestling card. Thanks to Shimdog for making sure that my wife could get a hold of me if something did happen. My cell phone did not get a good signal in that small town. Not only do I wish that this small MN town would get better cell signals but I also wish they would get with the big cities and ban smoking in bars. I hate smoky bars! What really sucks is how many children are at these shows in Lonsdale and it seems that about 90% of the adults smoke.
A tag team title match was the first match of the night as the Neo Pro tag team champions The O'Neill Twinz took on former tag team partners JB Trask and Johnny Parks. Trask and Parks used to be know as the Lost Souls a few years back in the now defunct SDW. The O'Neills won the match after a little switcher roo. Yep, they cheated.
Pete Huge beat El Viejo with the 'G spot for real'. Funny match.
Shimdog was scheduled to wrestle Jessica Dalton in an evening gown match but Dalton was unable to make it this night. With out an opponent Shimdog made a challenge to one of the O'Neill twins and it was Cory who answered that challenge. Shimdog won the match with the help of some brass knuckles. After the match Aaron Corbin came out and attacked his old partner. Once Aaron and Cory ko'ed Shimdog they put him in a dress.
Neo Pro cruiserweight champion Joey Envy retained his belt against Kamakazi Klecker by DQ. It was Joey who used a ladder to hit Klecker to get the DQ which made Commish Dolan set up a ladder match between these two. Joey has probly been in the most Neo Pro ladder matches.
The Big Gunns beat Neo Pro heavy weight champion The Black Stallion and Aaron Corbin.
John Johnson beat Magnus Maximus in a rematch from the last Lonsdale card.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 years ago this week...

On 3/24/2004 @ First Ave in downtown Minneapolis Ken Anderson wrestled Shawn Daivari in Daivaris last indy match in his home town. As you can see from the photo on the left Daivari was a bloody mess in this match. Today both these men are WWE Superstars as Shawn is know simply as Daivari and Ken changed his last name to Kennedy...Kennedy. Today I saw a car with two bumper stickers for a politican named Kennedy. I had to laugh when I saw it. Recently I went to my first ever live WWE card. It was held in the Target Center which is right across the street from First Ave. Ken wrestled in the first match of the night but it was a dark match but it was cool to see Ken in action in a much bigger arena.

In another card from 2 years ago we have a lumberjack match that took place at the old MPW arena in Maple Grove, MN on 3/27/2004. The two men in the lumberjack match are Kaos Cody O'Neill and Prettybooooy Delgado. Today Cody is one half of the Neo Pro tag team champions with his twin brother Cory but his opponent in this match is out of the biz.

Monday, March 20, 2006

NIW Forest Lake, MN 3/19/06

Norther IMPACT Wrestling had a raffel lottery fans choice show on 3/19/2006 @ the VFW in Forest Lake, MN. At last months Forest Lake show fans bought a raffel ticket for a chance to decide a singles match at this show. After that match was picked the following winners picked envolopes with wrestlers names in them and the names were placed in one of 5 matches. This made for some very interesting match ups.
Match one was an IMPACT Carmavel between Nate Bash, Ryan Cruz, Vinnie Divine, Dano Tep, Ben Sailer and Pete Mack. This was Pete Macks (seen here powere body slamming Nate Bash)first match in 6 months so it was a surpise to see him in this match. Ben Sailer finished off Dano Tep with a spin kick to the face for the win.
Pete Huge & Venom were team up to take on Bret O'Brian & Malikite. Venon and O'Brian are usually tagging together but in this match they had to wrestle each other. It wasn't untill late in the match that the two were tagged in to face each other. As they hesitated to actually wrestle their partners hit their finishing move and got a pin. Ref Rob Page declaired the match a draw.
For the lottery singles match Casanova was picked to face Chris Jordan. I'm not sure but I think this is the first time these two have faced each other. Both of them tried to cheat to win during the match but it was The Genuine Article Chris Jordan who got the win with his feet on the ropes. After the match Jordan challenged The Prophet for his IMPACT title.
In another singles match and first time match up Cody O'Neill wrestled The Bad Man Bobby Mafi. Cody Came out with a head mic on and did commentary during the match at least for a little while untill he decided that he shouldn't take Bobby too lightly. In the end it was Cody who had his shoulders down for the 3 count. But man, Cody on the mic was funny stuff.
In the raffel lottery fans pick match Trent Jones got to test his skills against Arik Cannon. I think the fan who picked this match just wanted to see Jones get chopped untill his chest was dark red. Jones debuted his new gear and he might want to make sure he wears this new gear as his 'lucky' gear. That of make sure that he gets help from others to win which is what he did to beat Cannon.
The NIW tag team title was on the line as one half of Northstar Express Darin Corbin teamed with Kid Krazy because of the lottery to face Rob James and NIW champion Al B.C.. All hell broke loose during this match as The Junk Squad came out to attack Corbin. The other member of NSE Ryan Cruz came out to help as Cannon came out to attack James who interfered in his match. Everyone but Krazy and Al fought to the back locker room. Krazy pinned Al after 2 running kicks to the face, the Uh-Oh kick.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Neo Pro 3/12/2006 Fairbult, MN

Neo Pro's weekly Sunday show presented these matches on 3/12/06 from the Neo Pro arena/training center. They moved their start time up to 4pm for the Sunday night shows which is a good thing because it was raining/snowing when the show was over and the weather got worse a few hours later.
Cody O'Neill made Joessiah tap out with some kind of leg/head lock. I'll have to ask Cody if he has a name for that hold. It was good to see Joessiah again.
John Johnson beat Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday.
Neo Pro cruiser weight champion Joey Envy beat his former friend Aaron Corbin.
There were two more matches but I was having technical difficulties with my camera. So instead of taking photos I watched Kid Krazy's new DVD. This DVD is awesome! If he had a way to order it on line I would give a link but for now the DVD is only available at shows that Kid Krazy is on.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Neo Pro 3/4/2006 Fairlbult, MN

From the Neo Pro arena a Saturday show was presented on 3/4/2006.
The cruiserweight title was on the line in the first match of the night as Joey E took on Cory O'Neill and Kamakazi Klecker in a 3 way dance. Joey E retained his title by pinning Klecker.
Magnus Maximus beat 'Playboy' Pete Huge.
Chris Jordan and Cody O'Neill wrestled a 2 out of 3 falls match as thier tag team fued crossed over to a singles match. Cody got the best of Jordan when he made him tap out for the first fall, Jordan got a pin and then Cody hit his series for the final pin. I've heard really good things about this match from those who watched it.
The Black Stallion kept his Neo Pro heavyweight title when he got himself DQ'ed by hitting Big Daddy Hoofer.
Some tag team match was the main event but I couldn't see who was in it because the ref was always in my way.

Friday, March 03, 2006

MPW Minneapolis, MN 2/28/2006

Midwest Pro Wrestling held it's monthly card at in the First Ave main room on a Tuesday night.
In the first match of the night The Asylum beat Craven Knyte. This was my 3rd time photographing a Kraven match but first time I noticed his 'moon boots'. He even got a Napoleon Dynamite chant.
The second match of the night saw the First Ave return of Buddha as he took on Tommy 'Spiderbaby' Saturday. Buddha is now half the man he used to be as he has lost a lot of weight. Buddha won the match but only after getting a kiss on the lips from Spiderbaby.
Arik Cannon debuted his new black and yellow gear, too bad he didn't call his opponent to see what he was going to wear to the match. His opponent this night was Kid Krazy who has been wearing yellow and black for a few years now. Kid Krazy was so pissed that Cannon would steal his colors that he hit Cannon with the world of pain to get the 3 count.
Mitch Paradise beat Big Daddy Hoofer. Paradise came out wearing some title belt but I'm not sure what title that was.
The Genuine Article Chris Jordan defeated Magnus Maximus.
Jessica Dalton (formally known as O.D.B.) defeated Rain with a little help from the ropes. The fans at First Ave got to see a little more of Dalton as her ass was showing for about 2 minutes.
MPW cruiser weigh champion Nate Bash retained his title against the challenge of 'Playboy' Pete Huge. Being that February is 'black history month' I thought I should point out that Nate Bash is the first MPW black champion.