Friday, April 19, 2013

HOW Minneapolis, MN 3/23/2013

Heavy On Wrestling “The Last F’N Show” Jerry Lynn’s last match.
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN
Saturday night March 23, 2013
IMG_1867On the morning of this event Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio did a pod cast with a live audience. In the studio were guest Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer. Lynn and Dreamer answered questions from EPWR host Big D and Isaac and then from the fans. You can listen to the pod cast by clicking here.
IMG_2030Luke Hawx, Scot Summers and Perry Saturn defeated Aaron Corbin, John Johnson & Arya Daivari in a 6 man tag match. Saturn pinned Daivari to get the win. This was Summers and hawx first time in MN.
IMG_2171Black Stallion with manager Mago beat Rhino by count out. Mago was interfering in the match so Rhino chased him outside the ring and forgot about the 10 count. After the match Rhino speared Mago.
IMG_2387Blue Meanie & Al Snow defeated Renny D & Craven Knyte. Snow hit Knyte with Head to get the pin. Referees really need to ban Head from ring side.
IMG_2496Sabu defeated Arik Cannon in an Anarky Rules match.Sabu cut Cannon open with some international object. It was 20 years ago and just a mile away from this venue when I first saw Sabu live. He wrestled the Lightning Kid (soon to be know as the 1-2-3 Kid in the WWF).
IMG_2793Darin Corbin defeated Tommy Dreamer in a hard core match. Yep, you read that right.
IMG_2960HOW champion Benjamin Sailer defeated Adam Pearce to retain the title. Pearce pulled a chain out of his boot and tried to use it on Sailer but Sailer go a hold of it and used it to win the match. The crowd was unhappy with Sailer for cheating to win.
IMG_3127The main event was Jerry Lynn’s last match. It was a four way match against X-Pac, JB Trask and Horace the Psychopath. These 4 guys, all over the age of 40, went all out in this match. They did dives out of the ring, broke tables and dented garbage cans. Lynn got the win after he gave Horace a cradle pile driver.
IMG_3162Jerry Lynn ready to put JB Trask in the can.
IMG_3226Jerry Lynn with a corner drop kick on Horace the Psychopath.
47A very similar photo as the one above but from 20 years ago.
IMG_3370After the match all the wrestlers and HOW crew got in the ring to congratulate Lynn on his great 25 year career. JB Trask presented Lynn with a Heavy On Wrestling Hall of Fame award. This event will be available on DVD from RF Video. I've been doing this blog for over 7 years now and I thought this would be a good time to end it. So with this being Jerry Lynn's last match it will also be my last blog on here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

MIW Chanhassen, MN 3/9/2013

Minnesota Independent Wrestling
Saturday March 9, 2013
American Legion, Chanhassen, MN
IMG_1256Mitch Paradise defeated Arya Daivari in the opening match.
IMG_1400PJ Thorn VS Ty Cooper ended in a no contest when “Playboy” Pete Huge and Chas Betts attacked both men.
IMG_1488Shimdog defeated Aaron Corbin.
IMG_1556Chas Betts pinned Benjamin Sailer.
IMG_1641El Bano defeated MIW champion Rob Ivy by DQ. The DQ came when a second El Bano came to the ring. The fake El Bano turned out to be the Masked Jungle Fighter.
IMG_1808Chris Jordan pinned “Playboy” Pete Huge in the main event battle between these former team mates. Huge’s new partner Chas Betts tried to help but it back fired.

Monday, April 01, 2013

AWF Elk River, MN 2/23/2013

The American Wrestling Federation held their annual Elk River benefit event at the high school. This event was tapped for the AWF Sunday Shock Wave TV show airing on channel 23 Sundays at 9:30am.
IMG_0562In the opening match Chas Betts defeated Arya Daivari.
IMG_0616The next match was between two guys who were making their debut. The guy in the jeans and t-shirt won the match.
IMG_0694AWF Elite champion Craven Knyte pinned Mikey Wipeout.
IMG_0787Tony DeNucci pinned Pete Huge.
IMG_0893Johnny Parks, Wildcat & Big Sepio defeated Sammy Savard, John Johnson & AWF heavy weight champion Black Stallion.
IMG_1095Al Snow beat Mitch Paradise in the main event. Snow got some help from Head to defeat Paradise.

PTW 2/22/2013

Prime Time Wrestling held an event at the Bloomington, MN Knights of Columbus on Friday February 22nd, 2013.
IMG_9822In the opening match Renny D beat John Johnson in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Johnson got the first fall with a quick roll up. Renny got the next fall after a really cool move. Johnson was DQed for the third fall when he chocked Renny with a strap.
IMG_9877Magic Man beat Zero Kincade.
IMG_9990Body Beautiful (Mitch Paradise & Billy Blaze) beat Mikey Wipeout & Ryan Cruz. Check out Paradise’s hand print on Wipeout’s chest.
IMG_0119Darin Corbin beat Wildcat with a little help from his valet Scarlett Bordeaux.
IMG_0175After the last match ended Tiger Lilly came out and had a rolled around the ring with Scarlett Bordeaux.
IMG_0343In the main event Arya Daivari beat Chas Betts. Daivari got some help from his pal John Johnson. While referee Rob Page was knocked down Johnson came in and gave Betts a devastating maneuver and then put Daivari on top of Betts for the pin.

PWB St. Paul, MN 2/9/2013

Pro Wrestling Battleground held an event at Wilebskis Blues Saloon on Saturday night February 9th, 2013.
IMG_9288In the opening match Horace the psychopath defeated Udo.
IMG_9332The Mad Russian defeated Venom in the next match. The special guest referee for this match was Mad Russians manager Federline Sax so you can guess why Venom did not get a three count.
IMG_9413The Prophet beat Luther Wilson III to become the new PWB Breakout champion. Once again Federline Sax was the referee for his man. It took blinding Sax with his own powder to make him count 3 for the other man.
IMG_9503Rob James defeated Renny D. Yes, as you can see in this photo, James showed his thong to the crowd.
IMG_9534Craven Knyte pinned Arya Daivari.
IMG_9665PWB champion Darin Corbin defeated his long time friend Ryan Cruz to retain the title.