Thursday, October 25, 2012

BCW New Brighton, MN 10/19/2012

Born Champion Wrestling returned to the Mirage bar in New Brighton, MN this past Friday night
IMG_9016BCW champion Darin Corbin retained the title against Horace the Psychopath in the opening match of the night. Corbin got the win after hitting a ‘ginger-snap’ on Horace. After the match Corbin challenged Jerry Lynn to a match. Corbin has been challenging veteran MN wrestles and he thinks that Lynn is the last one he needs to beat.
IMG_9131Mikey Wipeout defeated Zero Kincade. At the last BCW event Kincade came to the ring to a metal Doctor Who theme song. This time I notice that he is wearing TARDIS blue tights.
IMG_9164Ian Xavier defeated Patriot III. Canada really does rule! And for those readers wondering the answer to the question I asked in the last BCW post back in August…Xavier is the wrestler with the Doctor Who tattoo.
IMG_9231Venom defeated Craven Knyte. In a tweet Knyte blamed the loss on Darin Corbin.
IMG_9363Ref Rob Page defeated The Prophet when Arik Cannon made the 3 count. Page got a little caught up in the action and he did a leg sweep on Prophet and made a cover. After Cannon made the 3 count and raised Page’s hand the Rocky theme played. Page then gave the Stone Cold Stunner to both Prophet and Cannon.
IMG_9454Rob James pinned Udo to become the new BCW Twin Cities champion. James added this title to his tag team title he holds with Horace.
IMG_9634In the last match of the night Ryan Cruz pinned Arya Daivari. These two have wrestled against each other every month this year.

PTW this Friday night in Bloomington, MN

ptw oct Prime Time Wrestling returns to the Bloomington, MN Knights of Columbus this Friday night, October 26th, 2012. PTW champion Black Stallion will defend his title against Mitch Paradise. Also scheduled to appear are Lenny Lane, Mikey Wipeout and Apostle 13.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

MIW Spring Lake Park 9/29/2012

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to Biffs in Spring Lake Park, MN this past Saturday night.
IMG_8450Chris Jordan beat James Jeffries in the opening contest.
IMG_8489Two rookies from the Terry Fox training camp had their first ever matches on this night. James Dawson (wearing Shimdogs tights) pinned “Mr. Entertainment Ty Cooper. Former wrestler Shimdog was the referee for this match and he was announced by the name of Shane McVicker. Shimdog was unable to continue wrestling because of injuries. It’s nice to see him still in the biz as a referee. 
IMG_8590Dorrian put El Bano to sleep.
IMG_8658Mitch Paradise got the win by DQ against Aaron Corbin. As Paradise was about to win James Jeffries and Dorrian came out to attack Paradise. Chris Jordan and El Bano then came out to help even the sides. This set up a 6 man tag for later in the night.
IMG_8710Mystick pinned Miss Frankie with her feet on the ropes. This was Miss Frankies MIW debut.
IMG_8783Announcer Timm Larson called former Olympian Chas Betts into the ring. Betts talked about his love of pro wrestling. I’ve heard that he may be in a pro wrestling ring very soon. Betts is also a MN high school state wrestling champion.
IMG_8789Mitch Paradise, Chris Jordan & El Bano defeated Dorrian, James Jeffries & Aaron Corbin. Paradise got the 3 count on Corbin.
IMG_8859In the main event Bad Boy Brian pinned Little Kato after a body slam on a garbage can.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Shawn Daivari- light-rail bouncer 9/27/2012

IMG_9833Former WWE/TNA wrestler Shawn Daivari was on a light-rail in Minneapolis, MN when another male passenger became unruly. The passenger threatened to kill others on the light rail and there was no rail police officer in sight. Daivari had enough and he slapped on a rear naked choke, a move some what like the one he put on Ryan Cruz back in January. With the move Daivari was able to choke the man unconscious and toss him off the light-rail at the next stop. Daivari got a lot of media coverage from this event.

PTW 9/28/2012

Prime Time Wrestling returned to the Bloomington, MN Knights of Columbus for their second season this past Friday night. The night started with Commissioner Tobin introducing the new PTW champion Renny D. Tobin then brought out Black Stallion and John Johnson, the two wrestlers who would compete in a ‘golden ticket’ match. The winner of the golden ticket match would be able to cash that golden ticket in on any PTW event for a championship match. Lenny Lane then came out to take credit for the golden ticket match idea.
IMG_7893In the opening match Ryan Cruz defeated Arya Daivari with Lilly. Daivari was ready to hit Cruz with a super kick but he tripped on a broom left in the ring by Dorrian the janitor. So after the match Daivari challenged Dorrian to a match next month.
IMG_8009Mikey Wipeout VS Apostle 13 ended in a draw. As the referee counted the pin both wrestlers had their shoulders down.
IMG_8054The Executioner  defeated Dorrian the janitor with a mendable claw like choke out. As The Executioner was ready to pick up Dorrian for a chock slam he started freaking out. Not sure what that was all about.
IMG_8175Lenny Lane defeated PTW champion Renny D to become the new champion. This was Renny’s first title defense and he was cheated out of the title by special guest referee Crisco who made a fast 3 count.
IMG_8285Black Stallion defeated John Johnson to win the ‘golden ticket’ match.
IMG_8405Lane Lane came out after the ‘golden ticket’ match. He announced that he forgot to mention that the champion could also decide when the holder of the golden ticket could cash it in. So Lane brought out his buddy Crisco to ref this championship match against Black Stallion. Crisco’s Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio partner Big D got tired of seeing the one sided officiating that was going on in the ring. Big D then got in the ring and hit Crisco with the title belt. Stallion gave Lane a boot to the face and Big D made the 3 count. That made Stallion the new PTW champion.