Friday, May 27, 2011

F1rst Wrestling returns 2011

IMG_6568It’s been almost one full year since F1rst Wrestling last had an show. Finally, a date will be announced soon to when the next F1rst Wrestling card will be at First Avenue night club. First Ave is my favorite venue for indy pro wrestling so it’s great to see F1rst wrestling return there. F1rst Wrestling has presented three other cards titled “Return” that have featured wrestlers returning to F1rst Wrestling/Minneapolis. Will The Return ‘11 be the same? Could we see the return of Colt Cabana who was on the first F1rst Wrestling card? Maybe M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, most recently seen on WWE’s Tough Enough, could return. It could be Cody O’Neill who could be making his return. It might be the return of referee Ricky Reed. Or does “The Return ‘11” just mean the return of F1rst wrestling? Check out F1rst Wrestling’s Facebook for up coming announcements about The Return ‘11.
IMG_4551The Return 09 (6/19/09) was a really big event for F1rst Wrestling as it was main evented with a match between home town guys Jerry Lynn and Sean Waltman.
IMG_5728The Return 08 (6/20/08) featured a few returns to F1rst Wrestling. Austin Aries returned to the Minneapolis area as he teamed with Rob James to take on The Northstar Express. The next return was Horace The Psychopath who came out to Arik Cannon’s open challenge. Horace had been gone from F1rst Wrestling since July 2007. The third return of the night was Chris Jordan as he came out as Pete Huge’s partner in a match against Midwest Ground & Air. On F1rst Wrestling’s second card Jordon lost a loser leaves wrestling match to his Junk Squad partner Pete Huge so it was a big surprise to see him come back to reform the Junk Squad.
IMG_1172The Return 07 (6/17/07) was the third F1rst Wrestling show and featured the return of Kid Krazy in a match against Tyler Black. Krazy had recently moved to California but returned for one more match in Minnesota. In California Krazy wrestled some for Pro Wrestling Gorilla but now he is mostly retired from wrestling. Black now wrestles for the WWE developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling as Seth Rollins.