Thursday, October 26, 2006

NWA Pro Cottage Grove, MN 10/15/2006

NWA Pro made it's first trip to the midwest with one show in Wisconsin on a Saturday night and then in Cottage Grove, MN on Sunday night October 15, 2006. They ran at card at the same armory that has been used by Neo Pro and NIW. The card was made up of mostly local MN wrestlers and a few from California.
In the opening match Arik Cannon defeated T.J. Perkins. Perkins is one of the NWA Pro guys making their MN debut.
Babi Slymm defeated Karl Anderson w/Mr. Vander Pyle & Adam Pearce by DQ. The match ended when Slymm was attacked by Pearce which lead to the DQ win for Slymm. Arik Cannon ran out to help Slymm and then challenged Pearce and Anderson to a tag match later in the night.
Rocky Romero beat Kid Krazy.
The O'Neill's got the win over Aaron Corbin & Joey Envy. This match was scheduled to be the O'Neill's VS two guys from WI but they were unable to make it to MN so they were replaced with two guys the O'Neills were very familer with.
Puma beat Chris Jordan. This was Puma's first match in MN as he took on one of the top MN wrestlers. Puma won with a roll up.
Babi Slymm & Arik Cannon beat Karl Anderson & Adam Pearce after a double chair shot. This was Pierce's first match in MN since his days in Steel Domain Wrestling.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

3 years ago today in MPW

October 19, 2003 Midwest Pro Wrestling @ the MPW arena in Maple Grove, MN.
The Smoking Section, Chris Jordan & Mason Quinn, were fueding with the Midwest Shockers, Kaos (Cody O'Neill) & Joey E. The Smoking Section started off the MPW sunday night show sitting in ring and ripping on the Shockers on the mic. Jordan must have raided Kaos's gear bag as he was wearing his shorts.
The main event of the night was Arik Cannon VS Kaos. The match ended when the Smoking Section came out the beat on Kaos. Joey E and Prettyboooy Delgado came down to even things out.

I miss the MPW Sunday shows but I don't miss the MPW arena. From the black walls to the black ring ropes to the seats on opposite sides it was not a good place for photos.

Friday, October 06, 2006

IWA MS TPI Midlothain, IL 9/30/2006

The second night of the IWA MS Ted Petty Invitational was a long night of wrestling as not only were there 10 tournament matches but there were 5 other matches as well. Not only were the fans treated to so much great wrestling but they got a few surprises as well as some wrestlers made their return to IWA MS.
El Genarico beat M-Dogg 20 to move on to the next round.
Claudio Castignoli beat Mike Quackenbush in one of the best matches of the night.
Low Ki beat Davey Richards in a very hard hitting match.
Chris Hero made Trik Davis submit.
Arik Cannon pinned Hallowicked.
Roderick Strong beat Delirious by tap out.
Eddie Kingston & Joker & Ricocet beat the Thomaselis.
The Northstar Express won some weird ruled match with 5 tag teams of wrestlers who lost in the first round the night before. In the photo here Rickey Reyes is pointing out to the fans that Ryan Cruz looks like Matt Hardy.
Arik Cannon beat Claudio Castignoli.
Roderick Strong beat Chris Hero with a back slide.
Low Ki beat El Generico.
Chuck Taylor beat Toby Klien to become the new IWA MS heavyweight champion.
In the TPI finals Low Ki beat Roderick Stong and Arik Cannon. First Low Ki pinned Strong then he knocked out Cannon for the win.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

IWA MS TPI Midlothian, IL 9/29/2006

The annual IWA MidSouth Ted Petty Invitational took place this year in Midlothain, IL with the first round matches taking place on Sept 29th, 2006. This is the seventh year of IWA MS's annual tournament that use to be called the 'Sweet Science 16' but has since been expanded to 24 of some of the best wrestlers on the indy wrestling scene.
The first match of the first round was M-Dogg 20 vs IWA MS rookie Ricochet. The more experianced M-Dogg got the pin after a shoting star press.
To advance to the next round 'Lightning' Mike Quackenbush beat 'Classic' Colt Cabana. Quackenbush won with a Michinoku Driver.
Chris Hero, the 2000 Sweet Science Sixteen winner, beat Ricky Reyes to move on in the tournament.
The man from Sleepyhollow, Hallowicked, beat the man with the best abs in wrestling, Scorpio Sky.
Trik Davis beat Eric Stevens with a roll up to advance in the TPI. After the match Davis was attacked by Chris Hero.
The generic luchador El Generico beat 'Photogenic' Chris Bosh. Generico won the match with a top rope brain buster.
Davey Richards beat Jigsaw to move on to the next round.
Roderick Strong beat 'Mr. Impact' Brandon Thomaselli with a powerbomb.
Swiss wrestler Claudio Castagnoli defeated Canadian Kevin Steen. Last year Steen made it to the final round but lost to Matt Sydal who was unable to be in this years TPI because he was in Japan wrestling for Dragon Gate.
TNA X division champion Low Ki(Senshi in TNA) beat Gran Akuma after the double stomp.
Delirious beat Scott Lost.
Arik Cannon won the main event of the night against B-Boy. Cannon was the thrid man in the final match in last years TPI.