Saturday, August 29, 2009

MIW Mounds View, MN 8/22/2009

A couple of Saturdays ago I left the wrestling art show because there was an Minnesota Independent Wrestling event at Robert's Sports bar in Mounds View, MN. I had missed the last few MIW cards so it was nice to make it to this one. A few of the referee's on this card will soon be making their pro wrestling debuts.
In the opening contest "Playboy" Pete Huge w/Allison Wonderland defeated Super Caboose w/K-Train. Huge was scheduled to take on K-Train but K-Train was injured in a match the week before so Super Caboose took his place.
Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday pinned El Bano.
Daryl Hall defeated Mark Barker.
Cpl. Julio Julio defeated "The Rising Star" Shimdog.
The MIW heavy weight champion Brody Hoofer defeated The Black Stallion to retain the belt. It was nice to see Hoofer used an old school move like the airplane spin.
In the main event Chris Jordan & Horace the Psychopath defeated Rob Ivy & Mitch Paradise when Jordan pinned Paradise.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wrestling Art show opening 8/22/2009

This past Saturday night I went to an art show opening at the Back Alley Gallery in lower town St. Paul, MN.
This was a show put on by a group of artist working on one theme, pro wrestling. David Witt is the artist behind these lucha inspired drawings. I actually knew Witt when he was a young lad buying comic books at the Shinder's I worked at. He gave me one of his first comic books he drew. His art work has come a long way since then.
The man who came up with the theme for this show is Nathan O'Brien. Most of his art in the show was done with the help of a stack of old 'Apter' mags. I met O'Brien at the show and found out that he is a big fan of pro wrestling.
There was an area where you could design your own paper wrestler.
The art of pro wrestling was also on display on two TVs. Below the TV is a piece inspired by "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and his 2x4.
The show was really fun as they served lot's of snacks (chips, cookies and Slim Jim's! Dig IT!) as well as an assortment of canned beer. I wish I could have stayed all night but I had to get to an MIW show up in Mounds View. The wrestling show will still be on display this Wednesday from 6-10 pm. If you are a fan of wrestling go check it out and tell them that I sent you. Check out the link above for more info.

HOW Proctor, MN 8/21.2009

This past Friday night Heavy On Wrestling provided the 'pro wrestling' entertainment at the South St. Louis County Fair in Proctor, MN. Either the county fair people didn't know who HOW booked for this card or they were afraid of the WWE. All the advertisments for this show only said 'pro wrestling'. There was no mention that former WWE superstars Honky Tonk Man, Al Snow, Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty would be there. And besides those guys there was also former AWA legend Buck "Rock N Roll" Zumhofe and former Mtv star Arik Cannon also on the card.
In the opening contest Buck "Rock N Roll" Zumhofe defeated Sammy Savard.
Mystik defeated Ann Brookstone.
Arik Cannon pinned Horace the Psychopath after a glimmering warlock.
Honky Tonk Man defeated Brody Hoofer with a a little shake rattle and roll.
Midwest Ground & Air (Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer) kept there Minnesota win streak alive by beating the Northstar Express ( Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz) again.
Al Snow pinned The Black Stallion. Snow had Head with him for this match.
Scotty Too Hotty & Kishi defeated Arya Daivari & Mitch Paradise. This photo was taken moments before Daivari recieved the 'stink face' from Kishi. Kishi and Scotty did not dance after the match but they did pose for lots of photos with the fans.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

IWA MN Prior Lake, MN 8/15/2009

The International Wrestling Association of Minnesota had an outdoor show at Dohartys Tavern this past Saturday night. This is an annual show that is put on by Doharty's Tavaern. All day it looked like there might be rain. The rain did finally come when the bar owners had their match but it stopped shortly after.
The Brauler defeated Mikey Stanley. The Brauler was wearing some new pink gear. He said it was because August is breast cancer awareness month.
Venom pinned Big Loco.
The Punisher defeated Jesse Chan.
Bad Boy Brain defeated Chad Strong.
The Black Stallion beat K-Train with his feet on the ropes.
Horace the Psychopath defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge in a hard core match in the main event.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HOW Superior, WI 8/1/2009

After a night of almost all female action in Minneapolis, Heavy On Wrestling brought most of the same crew up north to Superior, WI for "Broken Hearts". This card took place at the Stargate nightclub.
To open the night The Northstar Express, Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin came out and talked some smack about womens wrestling. Tammy "Sunny" Sytch and Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald came out to put NSE in their place by giving them a low blow and tossing them out of the ring.
In the opening match Ann Brookstone defeated Allison Wonderland.
Next up was a bikini contest that was judged by dj's from 94x.
Christy Hemme & Benjamin Sailer defeated Arik Cannon & Allson Wonderland in a mixed tag match. During this match Cannon kissed referee Rob Page on the lips.
Nikki Roxx pinned Sojo Bolt with Tammy Sytch as referee.
In the main event O.D.B. pinned Awesome Kong with a roll up/Molly go round. Greenwald was the referee for this match.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

F1rst Wrestling/HOW Mineapolis, MN 7/31/2009

F1rst Wrestling and Heavy On Wrestling presented a mostly women's card called "Friday Night Fantasy" this past Friday night at First Ave night club in downtown Minneapolis, MN. There were a few changes from the advertised line up. As reported on PROWRESTLING.NET, Johnny Fairplay (Survivor) and his wife Michelle (America's Next Top Model) were unable to make it to Minneapolis for this event. Most of the ladies sold 8x10's, and possed for photos with fans before the show, at intermisson and after the show.
The card started with a men's match as Arya Daivari came out and claimed that the fans there didn't want to see women's wrestling. Cpl. Julio Julio came out to wrestle Daivari but all he go for his trouble was a big cut on his head as he was thrown from the ring by TNA's Tara. Terra then brought out Stacy Carter, aka Ms Kitty, and they both slapped Daivari silly.
Sojo Bolt defeated Daffney in her return to First Ave. When Bolt was know as just Josie she had her second ever match in this same building.
Allison Wonderland won a bikini contest. Also featured in this contest was Nikki Mayday who has done some back stage interviews on the F1rst Wrestling DVD's. Lacey Von Erich was scheduled for this event but she did not make it for some reason.
Nikki Roxx defeated Ann Brookstone in a falls count anywhere hard core match. Roxx pushed Brookstone face first into a pile of thumb tacks then rolled her up for the three count. The original WWE diva Sunny was the special guest referee for this match.
Arik Cannon & Christy Hemme defeated Pete Huge & Allison Wonderland in a mixed tag match.
In the main event O.D.B. defeated Awesome Kong with a roll up/Molly Go Round. Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald was the special guest referee for this match.