Friday, October 24, 2008

8 Stupid Questions with "6% Body Fat" Rob James

I'm starting a new feature here on Midwest Indy Wrestling Photos by Wayne McCarty called '8 stupid questions with...'. Every so often I will try to get a wrestler to answer 8 questions and post them with some of my photos. Most of the photos that will be posted will be seen for the first time on the net. The first Wrestler I picked to answer 8 stupid questions is Rob James.

Name: Rob James
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 6% boby Fat
Home Town: Muscle Beach, CA
Years Pro: 5
1) Were you a hulkamaniac? If yes then are you still a hulkamania? To tell you the truth with the new American Gladiator and his daughter growing up to be a hot POA, I am more of a hulkamaniac now! ( Rob James Vs Benjamin Sailer NIW 4/23/2006)
2)You used to go by the name “the Punisher”, was that because you were a big fan of the movie by the same name that stared Dolph Lundgren? I came up with that name was I was young, I used to make pro wrestling comic books in middle school, I would include my favorite WWF (at the time) stars with me and some friends of mine, I was The Punisher. Then I did back yard wrestling, and was The Punisher. A former Yarder trained with MPW, and got me into training and He always would call me Punisher, it caught on with the boys and thats how I started my wrestling career, with that name. (The Punisher Vs Renny D MIW 5/15/2004)
3)who do you think would win in a fight between Superman and Mighty Mouse? Superman no questions asked! (Rob James Vs Delerious NIW 7/01/2006)
4)Do you have a favorite opponent and if so can you name your favorite match with that wrestler? Prophet, Last MPW Arena show in a three way with Prophet and Kamikaze Klecker was fun, but even better that that was in NIW when I took the Impact Title from him in a Ladder Match.. Used to Enjoy beating up Joey Envy, but I think he is too affraid to face me anymore. (Rob James Vs The Prophet MCW BG 1/26/2008)
5)Who trained you? Sheriff, Shifty, and Cannon at MPW. (The Punisher Vs Shifty MPW 6/22/2003)
6)Don’t you hate it when you set your DVR/Tivo/VCR to record a show and it misses the end of the show because some stupid football game went into over time and all the other shows after it are shown later? Hell yes, and what I hate even more is that my new place has no cable connection for my tivo and I am paying for a box that records a black screen. (Rob James Vs Arik Cannon NIW 4/08/2006)7)Do you like the sight of your own blood? Yes, when I bleed in a match in brings out a whole new Rob James, more intense! I lke seeing my oppenent bleed even more! (Rob James Vs Arik Cannon NIW 4/08/2006)
8)What three Rob James matches would go on a best of DVD?
Rob James Vs. Prophet (ladder match)
Rob James Vs. Ben Sailer (One of the Many great matches we had at Pro Wrestling Battle Ground)
Rob James Vs. Cody (Anarchy Rules)(Rob James Vs Cody O'Neill F1rst Wrestling 1/25/2008)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cabana/Goldman and Nora Greenwald.

Recently another native Midwesterner made it to the big leagues. Colt Cabana debuted on WWE's ECW using the name Scotty Goldman. He seems to have kept the same goofball gimmick that he was known for on the indy level. Back in November of 2003 I had my first chance to photograph Colt at the IWA-MidSouth Ted Petty Invitational. In his first round match Cabana lost to future TNA star Jimmy Rave.
On the second night of the TPI Cabana was in a six man elimination match that also featured future WWE star Ken Anderson/Kennedy. Cabana won this match by pinning Michael Shane. Head on over to Dr Darin Davis's blog to read an old interview with Cabana. The interview was part of the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter done by Tim Larson. Davis also has the whole UMWN archived linked on his blog. You can read interviews from 1999 to 2002 by the likes of Ed Sharkey, Dave Prazak, Lenny Lane, CM Punk, Adrian Lynch, Hellraiser Gutt(aka Bam Neely) and Shawn Daivari.
If you like previously owned clothing and Molly Holly then here is your chance to own some of Molly Holly's swim suits and other clothing she wore for WWE photo shoots. Head on over to Nora Greenwalds Ebay store to purchase this bikini or other autographed items. I've added some links to the right side of this blog to some online albums of my photo work. Right now there are three different albums: action, posed/8x10's and printed work. I'll be adding to those albums as time permits.

Monday, October 06, 2008

F1rst wrestling West St. Paul, MN 10/03/2008

This past Saturday night F1rst Wrestling held it's first card outside of it's home arena as they presented 'In the Armory Now' at the West St. Paul Armory. The Fall is a big time for concerts at First Ave so it was hard for F1rst Wrestling to get a Friday night spot there. For this card three wrestles/luchadors from Chikara made their MN debut.
The first match of the night was a dark/pre show match. In this match Corporal Julio Gonzales made his pro debut as he took on Bret O'Brian. Gonzales was trained by Terry Fox and Austin Aries. He looked good in his first match but went down for the 3 count to O'Brian.
The card officially started with a match between Arya Daivari and Venom. Daivari got the win with his feet on the ropes.
Making his F1rst Wrestling debut was Udo, the mysterious masked man. Udo had no problem defeating Kamikaze Klecker.
Lince Dorado defeated Arik Cannon. Dorado is one of 3 luchadors from the Chikara promotion to appear on this card. After the match many fans in the crowd gave these two a standing ovation for their efforts.
Horace the Psychopath defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge w/Allison Wonderland. This match went all over the Armory as is usual with a Horace match. Horace won the match with a roll up.
Midwest Ground & Air defeated the Osirian Portal. This was my first time seeing Amasis and Ophidian who come from the Chikara wrestling factory.
Matt "M-Dogg 20" Cross made his return to F1rst Wrestling. Cross was on the third F1rst Wrestling card when "6% Body Fat"Rob James brought him out to face Cody O'Neill. This time around Cross faced James in the ring. Cross won the match with a shooting star press.
The main event was scheduled to be the New Generation vs the Northstar Express but Darin Corbin was injured recently so he was replaced by Arik Cannon. Aaron Corbin got the pin on Cannon to get the win for his team.