Sunday, June 29, 2008

PWA South St. Paul, MN 6/28/2008

From the Kaposia Days festival in South St. Paul, Mn at VFW #295 Pro Wrestling America presented a card featuring women, a midget and former AWA legends. This was a free out door show. What is 'kaposia' you ask. Click here to find out.
Dakota Darsow defeated former WCW cruiser weight champion Lenny Lane with a roll up.
Ian Xavier defeated Sky Steel with a little help from some brass knuckles. This was Steel's first match.
Korina Kay pinned Lisa Louise.
Jay North defeated Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday.
AWA legends Kenny "The Sodbuster" Jay & Buck "Rock N Roll" Zumhofe defeated Shimdog & Jonny Goldengate.
The Asylum defeated Mitch Paradise to become the new PWA champion. There was a lot of action around ring side as the VFW manager was in Paradise's corner and The Asylum had two managers helping him to his victory.
It had been 5 years since I was last at the annual PWA Kaposia Days card so I thought it would be fun to dig in to my archives and post some photos from that card from 6/28/2003. It's interesting to see what has happened in 5 years. For a full review of the card go to doc dx's field reports.
DOS defeated Big Daddy Hoofer in the opening match. DOS is now retired from pro wrestling. Big Daddy Hoofer now goes by Brody Hoofer and he cut off his bleach blond hair.. Most recently he was in a match with the Honky Tonk Man in Superior, WI.
Big Mack won a handicap match against Drej & Chris Jordan. Both Big Mack and Drej have left pro wrestling but Jordan made his return a few weeks ago to the ring after a year away. Jordan made a return to Kaposia days but not to wrestle. He came for the tacos.
Lacey & Josie defeated Rain & Candy. What is the deal with all the women wrestlers having only one name? Candy, the one in the red pants, left the biz not too long after this match. Josie moved away from MN and she is now wrestling with OVW. For a few months Rain could be seen on TNA as Ms Peyton Banks. Lacey's where abouts are unknown at this time.
Horace the Psycopath defeated Tommy Gunn. Horace has retired and returned to pro wrestling many times. Most recently returned unannounced at F1rst Wrestling. Who knows when he will next go back to his home in St. Peter, MN. Gunn changed his name to James Thomas and moved to Kentucky to train at Derby City Wrestling. Ref Rob Page was a Eminem look a like 5 years ago. This was just his 2nd or 3rd card he had ever reffed on.
Bad Boy Brian wrestled against Mini Savard. I can't remember who won and was hoping that Barb would have had the winner listed in her field report but she didn't have it. I stopped taking photos of this match as the guy in the neon green trunks junk kept escaping out. This match went on way to long and it started to rain. Bad Boy Brian is still wrestling but I have not seen Mini Savard since this card. I hope if he did continue wrestling that he got trunks that would hold his junk.
Austin Aries defeated Shawn Daivari after a 450 splash in the rain. Both of these men went on to bigger area not too long after this.
PWA champion Mitch Paradise defeated Mason Quinn to retain the belt. I'm not positive if Paradise has held that belt for the last 5 years with out loosing it but once again he was in the main event at Kaposia Days and the only man to appear on both of these cards. Quinn moved from MN back to his home state of Wisconsin where he wrestles for promotions such as ICW.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FLWA Howard Lake, MN 6/21/2008

French Lake Wrestling Association was part of the entertainment for the Howard Lake Good Neighbor festivel this last Saturday in a parking lot behind the city Hall. I really like out door shows.
In the opening match Benjamin Sailer defeated James Alexander with a top rope sunset flip.
Lenny Lane defeated rookie Dakota Darsow.
Dominick Ether defeated Sammy Savard with a frog splash.
Sheik Adnon's Army of Arya Daivari & Nate Bash defeated The Dixon/Sexon Connection. This was the first time The Dixon/Sexon Connection has been in action in Minnesota in a few years. I talked to them and they said they were spending time traveling the world and living on the beaches of Jamaica.
Renny D & Mike Stanley defeated Shimdog & Aaron Corbin. After the match Shimdog & Corbin were out side the ring when a fan slapped Shimdog. Police were near by and they took the drunk fan away. I was really surprised that it was Shimdog who had to hold back Corbin after the slap.
Cooter beat Mitch Paradise to win the Howard Lake championship.
Tony DeNucci defeated Thoruf Marius to win the FLWA heavy weight title.

Monday, June 23, 2008

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 6/20/2008

On Friday night in down town Minneapolis F1RST Wrestling presented 'The Return: '08'. The Northstar Express was to take on '6% body fat' Rob James & a mystery partner. Many fans were speculation that the return refered to James mystery partner and that it would be Horace the Psycophath or 'The Genuine Article' Chris Jordan both of who had not been seen in F1RST Wrestling for a while. As it turned out the card should have been titled 'The Returns: '08' as both Horace and Jordan returned but neither were the mystery partner. At the start of the card Arik Cannon came out to let the fans know that a few of the advertised wrestlers were unable to make it.
The opening match was a 3 way between Shane Hollister, Arya Daivari and The Prophet. Hollister got the win with a pin on The Prophet.
Venom deafeted Lorenzo Connoers in the second match of the night.
Rob James anounced his myster partner as Austin Aries. Even thought James had an international wrestler like Aries as his partner he was not able to beat the team of Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz. This was also a return for Aries. He's wrestled many times in First Ave before but not for F1rst Wrestling.
Thoruf Marius beat kamikaze Klecker.
Horace, the man that fans were guessing would be Rob James parter came out for the next match. He got on the mic and asked the fans if they wanted blood. The fans wanted blood and out came Arik Cannon. I don't believe that this match was announced as a hard core match but it was Horace the Psycopath so I think that just made it a hard core match. The matched ended when Horace gave Cannon a powerbomb on a pile of thumbtacks and pinned him. But the thumbtacks was not the sickest thing that happened in this match. The sickest thing happened up in the First Ave mens rooms when Horace was pushed in to the urinal and he layed down in the long urinal. I would post of photo of that but it is just too sick.
In the main event Midwest Ground & Air defeated the reformed Junk Squad. Chris Jordan had lost a retirement match a year ago against his partner Pete Huge but he must have found retirement no fun and he decided to get back with his long time partner and forgive him for what ever it was that made them fight before. After the Junk Squad lost they attacked Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer.
F1RST Wrestling returns to First Ave on August 8th, 2008. check out buy all the F1rst Wrestling dvd's.

Monday, June 16, 2008

HOW Superior, WI 6/14/2008

Heavy On Wrestling held a big card this last Saturday night at Wessman arena in Superior, WI. I believe this was the third card that HOW has put on.
The opening match on this might was Venom VS '6% Bodyfat' Rob James. Venom got the 3 count to win this match.
Arik Cannon & Ann Brookstone beat Heavy D & Lacey Von Erich in a mixed tag team match. This was my first time seeing Heavy D and Lacey in action. Lacey is the daughter of Kerry Von Erich and she wrestles bearfoot like her uncle Kevin. Brookstone got the pin on Von Erich to win this match.
Arya Daivari defeated 'Thee Suntan Superman' Cody O'Neill. Daivari had some help from his carpet to win this one but not with the magic carpet ride.
Honky Tonk Man beat Brody Hoofer with the Shake Rattle & Roll. Before the match Honky entertained the crowd with a song.
Bad Boy Brain & Thoruf beat the Northstar Express. On the last HOW card Brian beat Darin Corbin so this time Corbin brought his tag team partner Ryan Cruz and challenged Brian to a match with a partner of his choice. Brian picked his 'little brother' Thoruf as his partner.
Eugene beat Arik Cannon with the help of Terry Funk. Cannon knocked out referree Rob Page so Funk came in the ring.
Mitch Paradise pinned Sammy Savard.
Benjamin Sailer climbed the ladder and grabbed the clipboard to sign his name on a contract to face Arik Cannon on a future show in a 3 way ladder match with Nate Bash and Joey Envy.