Saturday, November 24, 2012

PWB St. Paul, MN 11/14/2012

Last Saturday night Pro Wrestling Battleground returned to Wilebsky’s Blues Saloon in St.Paul, MN.
IMG_2295“The King of Throwdown” Venom defeated The Mad Russian in the opening contest.
IMG_2365The PWB Breakout champion Luther Wilson III defeated former Olympic wrestler Chas Betts. Wilson had a lot of help from his manager Ryan Sax. Referee Rob Page totally missed the low blow that Wilson hit on Betts. This was Betts second pro match since he competed in the 2012 London Olympics.
IMG_2445Renny D pinned Udo. After the match Renny D put his shirt on and sat on a chair in the middle of the ring. D then spoke about how there are some wrestlers who don’t give the fans their moneys worth such as the Junk Squad. As he made his way back to the ‘locker room’ the video screens on the side of Wilebsky’s stage showed the Junk Squad attacking Renny D. Good use of the video screens.
IMG_2585Horace the Psychopath defeated “Playboy” Pete Huge in a ‘last man standing’ match. Huge’s Junk Squad partner Chris Jordan came out and attacked Horace but The Prophet chased Jordan back to the ‘locker room’. Horace and Huge hit each other with many weapons but the end came when a metal garbage can was introduced into the ring. Horace power bombed Huge onto the can and it folded around Huge’s torso. Huge was unable to get off the mat because of the can.
IMG_2663The Prophet defeated Chris Jordan.
IMG_2710Darin Corbin pinned Craven Knyte to become the new PWB champion. After ref Rob Page was knocked down Corbin hit Knyte with a ginger snap onto a metal chair. Horace came out after the match to check on Knyte. Corbin then challenged Horace to a match at the next PWB event, which will be the 6th anniversary or Pro Wrestling Battleground.

Friday, November 02, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 10/26/2012

Prime Time Wrestling was back at the Bloomington, MN Knights of Columbus this past Friday night. One of the high lights of the October event was the kids costume contest.
IMG_0348John Johnson defeated Benjamin Sailer in the opening match. This was Sailers debut match for PTW. Last month Johnson knocked some popcorn out of an old fans hand. This time that fan kept yelling ‘you owe me popcorn!”. All I could think of during the whole match was the paperboy in the movie “Better off Dead”.
IMG_0479Mikey Wipeout and Apostle 13 once again wrestled without a clear winner. This one ended in a double count out.
IMG_0671Next up was a tag team match between Mitch Paradise & Zero Kincade and Billy Blaze & Magic Man with Tiger Lilly. This match came about when Kincade came out with an anti bullying sign. He got in the ring and talked about being picked on for being a nerd. Out came Blaze to say that he liked picking on nerds. Then Magic Man and Lilly came out followed by Paradise. In the end Magic turned on Blaze, Paradise turned on Kincade and Lilly turned on Magic.
IMG_0746Ryan Cruz defeated Lenny Lane. After the match Lane and EPRW’s Crisco attacked Cruz. Crisco’s EPRW’s co-host Big D came out to help Cruz but he ended up getting whipped with Crisco’s belt.
IMG_0950PTW champion Black Stallion pinned Renny D to retain the title. Stallion is now the undisputed champion.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

PWB St. Paul, MN 10/20/2012

Pro Wrestling Battleground was at Wibelsky’s Blues Saloon a few Saturday nights ago. Part of this event was a 4 man tournament to crown the new Breakout champion.
IMG_9711In the first match of the BCW Breakout championship tournament Shinigami defeated Rainmaker. Shinigami’s mask reminds me of the Great Sasuke.
IMG_9751Luther Wilson the 3rd defeated Patriot 3. Not only was this a first round match for the BCW Breakout championship but it was also a match to decide who could use the # 3 in their name. For now on Patriot 3 shall be known as “Real American”.
IMG_9796Darin Corbin pinned Venom. Corbin is trying to get voted PWI’s “most hated wrestlers of the year”. Just his tights alone should get him that award.
IMG_9851Chris Jordan defeated The Prophet with his feet on the ropes.
IMG_9923Luther Wilson the 3rd defeated Shinigami to become the first BCW Breakout champion.
IMG_0021Ryan Cruz pinned “6% body fat” Rob James.
IMG_0227BCW champion Craven Knyte defeated “Playboy” Pete Huge and Horace the Psychopath to retain the title.