Wednesday, January 30, 2013

AWF Coon Rapids, MN 1/19/2013

IMG_8058The American Wrestling Federation presented five big matches at the Coon Rapids High School on Saturday January 19th, 2013. This was taped for the AWF’s TV show Sunday Shockwave which airs on channel 23 at 9:30 am in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.The last time I was in this building was for an AWA event over 20 years ago.
IMG_81562012 United States Olympic wrestler Chas Betts pinned Aaron Corbin.
IMG_8227John Johnson pinned Benjamin Sailer.
IMG_8318Mikey Wipeout defeated Pete Huge. If you look at Huge’s right eye you can see the black eye that was given to him by a gay goat.
IMG_8423AWF heavy weight champion Black Stallion pinned Big Sep to retain the title. The referee for the last two matches was Shane Farkas. Check out the tattoo on Big Seps left arm.
IMG_8571AWF Elite champion Craven Knyte pinned Arya Daivari to retain the title.

Monday, January 28, 2013

F1rst: Wrestlepalooza Minneapolis, MN 1/12/2013

On a really cold Saturday night in Minneapolis, MN pro wrestling returned to my favorite venue, First Avenue. F1rst Wrestling returned as they presented Wrestle Palooza, a mix of pro wrestling, punk rock and burlesque. What a combination that is!
IMG_6620The first match of the night was a six man tag match. Wildcat & Zero Gravity ( Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza )defeated “6% Body Fat” Rob James, Mr. Kincaid & Renny D.
IMG_6770Next out in the ring was Queenie Von Curves for some burlesque action.
IMG_6927Shawn Daivari pinned Colin Cambridge in the second match of the night. This was my first time seeing Cambridge, who wrestles out of the Chicago area. As Daivari was celebrating his win his younger brother Arya came out and gave him a super kick.
IMG_7007Punk band Masked Intruder came out and played a few songs.
IMG_7085The Misfits (John Johnson & Aaron Corbin) defeated The North Star Express ( Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz) when Aaron pinned Darin. I think the last time Corbin & Cruz teamed together was at the last F1rst wrestling event back in July 2011.
IMG_7263After an intermission the action in the ring continued with more burlesque from Musette “The Mistress of Mischief”.
IMG_7341Masked Intruder came out to play a few more songs.Too bad they were rudely interrupted by Arya Daivari. That guy is suck a jerk. Daivari said he was looking for a fight so M.I. Blue brought out his pal Arik Cannon to take on Daivari.
IMG_7427Arik Cannon defeated Arya Daivari in an anarky rules match. Cannon did get a little help from M.I. Green and Officer Bradford. (It’s come to my attention that Daivari now uses his real first name which is spelled “Ariya”. But here on his blog I’m still going to spell it with out the “I” for consistency
IMG_7671Next up was more burlesque. This time it was Queenie Von Curves/Hogan dancing to “Real American”. This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen at a pro wrestling event.
IMG_7987In the main event El Chivas Blanco defeated “Playboy” Pete Huge. This is a must see match as is this whole event. So go buy the DVD when it comes out at Smart Mark Video.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

PWB St. Paul, MN 1/5/2013

Pro Wrestling Battleground held their 6th anniversary event on Saturday night 1/5/13 at Wibelski’s Blues Saloon in St. Paul MN. Kudos to those who run PWB for lasting 6 years. A lot of promotions pop up and don’t’ even last half that long. For this post I’ve added Twitter names for some of the wrestlers.
IMG_5944In the opening match Chas Betts (@chasbetts)  , Venom (@Kingofthrowdown) & PJ Thorn defeated The Mad Russian, James Dawson & Ty Cooper. This was a 6 man tag team elimination match. Venom and Thorn were eliminated after The Mad Russian hit them with diving head butts. Betts then pinned all 3 of his opponents to get the win.
IMG_6076The Prophet won against PWB Breakout champion Luther Wilson III by DQ. Wilson tossed The Prophet over the top rope for the DQ. I didn’t know that rule was still in the rule book.
IMG_6167Craven Knyte (@CravenKnyte) defeated Udo.
IMG_6247Ryan Cruz (@cruzshakalaka) pinned “6% Body fat” Rob James (@6PercentBodyFat).
IMG_6318Renny D (@RealRennyD)defeated “Playboy” Pete Huge (@petehuge).
IMG_6412In the main event PWB champion Darin Corbin defeated Horace the Psychopath to retain the title. Corbin has been wearing some really ugly tights for his matches and the ones he wore in this match were one of the ugliest.

Friday, January 11, 2013

BCW New Brighton , MN 12/15/2012

Born Champions Wrestling returned to the Mirage bar & Grill on Saturday December 15th. This show was record by Chris Walden of You can click on the link to watch the whole show.
IMG_4437In the opening contest Mikey Wipeout defeated Cameron Cross.
IMG_4521Hot Karl Clemson defeated The Prophet. Cleamson had his feet on the ropes when he pinned The Prophet but rookie ref Travis Porter was out of position to see the rule breaking.
IMG_4833Horace the Psychopath defeated his tag team partner Rob James to become the new BCW Twin Cities champion. These BCW tag team champions were forced to wrestle each other by BCW owner Judd Jennrich.
IMG_5029Renny D with Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Arik Cannon.
IMG_5244Venom, Ryan Cruz & Udo defeated The Entourage (Bret O’Brian, Craven Knyte, Judd Jennrich, The Savage & Adam Diesel). Venom pinned Jennrich for the win and that meant that The Entourage is no more.
IMG_5349Jerry Lynn defeated BCW heavy weight champion Darin Corbin to win the title. That ended Corbin’s 2 plus year reign as BCW champion.
IMG_5596After Jerry Lynn won the BCW title Craven Knyte came out to cash in his title shot that he won at the Tournament of Kings back in July. Lynn gave Knyte a cradle piledriver to win his first and only BCW title defense. After the match Lynn said he would have to relinquish the belt as he is retiring in March.