Friday, March 25, 2016

PTW Bloomington, MN 2/26/16

Promotion: Prime Time Wrestling
Time/Date: 7pm Friday March 26, 2016
City, State: Bloomington, MN
Venue: Knights of Columbus

I got to this event after intermission as I was at my daughter's championship basketball game.

Big Sepp defeated Mitch Paradise.

PTW tag team champions Wild Cat & Thunder Frog defeated Darin Corbin & Ariya Daivari to retain the tag team titles.

There were a lot of run ins after the match and Darin Corbin and Cody Rice ended up in the ring together. John Johnson and Black stallion brought out a case of silly string and passed them out to the fans. Corbin & Rice were sprayed with 100 cans of silly string to end the night.

AWF Elk River, MN 1/30/16

Promotion: American Wrestling Federation
Time/Date: 7pm Saturday January 30, 2016
City, State: Elk River, MN
Venue: Elk River High School

The AWF 10th anniversary Elk River event started out with a 5 man battle royal. In the battle royal was Oren Veit, Jacob Savage, John Lane, Richard Lansing and Luke X.  I believe that these 5 guys were all trained at the AWF training camp.

Jacob Savage won the battle royal when he eliminated Oren Veit.

Arik Cannon pinned Ryan Cruz.

Apostle 13 defeated Antonio Marquez.

AWF heavy weight champion Ariya Daivari pinned "Big Sepp" Sepio Saunders to retain the title.

The O'Neill Twins (Cody & Cory) defeated The Misfits (Aaron Corbin & John Johnson).

Cody & Cory O'Neill returned to the AWF for one last match with John Johnson & Aaron Corbin.

KOTA defeated Jeff Jennings with manager Benjamin Stacks.

Tony DeNucci defeated Josh Price in a no DQ match.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PTW Bloomington, MN 1/29/16

Promotion: Prime Time Wrestling
Time/Date: 7pm Friday January 29, 2016
City, State: Bloomington, MN
Venue: Knights of Columbus

The PTW January Big Show started off with a 10 bell salute to former indy wrestler Prime Time Stevie.

Prime Time, also known as Sweet Stevie and Prime Time Lumpkin, died the week before this event. He started wresting in 1997. I believe his last time in the ring was at a PWA event in June 2014.

Special guest for the PTW Big Show was Jerry Lynn. He came out the ring to talk to the fans and it was announced that he was the guest commissioner for the night.

Big Sepp pinned Ariya Daivari. These two are in the middle of a best of five series. After this match it stands at Daivari 2 Sepp 1.

Craven Knyte pinned DOUG.

Danny Duggan with manager Dan Jesser pinned Scott Story with valet White Star.

PTW Calhoun champion Darin Corbin defeated Black Stallion in a street fight to retain the title.

Wild Cat & Farmer Frog defeated Body Beautiful (Mitch Paradise & Billy Blaze) and Zero Gravity (CJ Esparza & Brett Gakiya).

New PTW tag team champions Cat & Frog.

Stacy Shadows pinned Sweetheart Sierra. This was the first womens match in PTW.

John Johnson defeated PTW champion Kody Rice and the Brew City Brawler in a triple threat match.

PTW commissioner for the night Jerry Lynn awards John Johnson the PTW championship title belt. Lynn made the three count after the referee was knocked out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

PWB St. Paul, MN 1/23/16

Promotion: Pro Wrestling Battleground
Time/Date: 6pm Saturday January 23, 2016
City, State: St. Paul, MN
Venue: Wilebski's Blues Saloon

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Scott Story defeated The Angry Dragon.

Venom pinned Arik Cannon.

Mallaki Mathews defeated PWB Breakout champion Luther Wilson III.

Mallaki Mathews is the new PWB Breakout champion.

In a tag team match Harvey Bower & Markus Crane took on Four Star Heroes ( Chris Castro & Matt Knicks)

Four Star Heroes defeated Markus Crane & Harvey Bower.

"The Husky Heart Throb" Kody Rice defeated The Prophet.

Darin Corbin pinned Matt Cage.

PWB champion Ryan Cruz defeated Craven Knyte to retain the title.