Monday, March 21, 2011

Rock N Roll VS Honky Tonk! This Saturday in Duluth, MN

This Saturday night March 26th, 2011 Buck "Rock N Roll" Zumhofe with take on The Honky Tonk Man at the DECC in Duluth, MN as part of the World of Wheels. Heavy On Wrestling is the promotion that will present this match between two pro wrestling veterans. In a recent interview Zumhofe let it be known that he was upset when he first saw The Honky Tonk Man in the WWF because he thought the WWF copied his gimmick. Sure there are other big time wrestlers at this event and I could tell you who they are but this match alone should be enough for you to buy a ticket for this show.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MIW Chanhassen, MN 3/12/2011

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to the Chanhassen American Legion this past Saturday night to a full house. This was my first time at an MIW event since October of last year. I missed their last event at in Chanhassen where "Playboy" Pete Huge defeated Brody Hoofer to become the new MIW heavy weight champion. That match was also a looser leaves MIW so Hoofer is no longer with MIW. Hoofer has been with MIW since he started in the biz back in 1999.
The night started with MIW heavy weight champion "Playboy" Pete Huge coming to the ring with "All Star" Paul Brewski. Huge was scheduled to defend his title against Brewski in the main event that night but Huge said Brewski was too green to get a shot at his belt. MIW commissioner Terry Fox got in the ring and told Huge that he would defend the MIW heavy weight title against Brewski or Fox would take the belt away from him. Huge told Brewski to do the right thing and lay down for a three count. Brewski laid down but got up before the three count and then attacked Huge.
In the first match of the card Horace the Psychopath defeated Rob Ivy.
In Paradise's Pit Mitch Paradise interviewed Rob Ivy who was pretending to be Zach Mercury. All the shenanigans ended when Mercury came to to confront Paradise and challenge him to a match later in that night.
Gunner Clash & Cpl Julio Julio defeated El Bano & Dorrian. As you can see in the photo here Clash & Julio cheated to get the W by blinding El Bano.
Zach Mercury defeated Mitch Paradise with a small package. Some times the good guys cheat to win.
Ann Brookstone pinned Mystik. In one of the funniest bits of the night Mystik ran into special guest referee Kenny Larson knocking him to the mat. Mystik then said "I killed Kenny!"
In the main event MIW heavy weight champion "Playboy" Pete Huge retained his title against "All Star" Paul Brewski. Zach Mercury was the special guest referee for this match. Mercury was distracted when Mitch Paradise came to the ring giving Huge the chance to hit Brewski with the title belt for an easy pin. Good thing Huge retained the belt because the pretty pink one he was wearing broke during the match.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Buck "Rock N Roll" Zumhofe talks about PWI photo

"Rock N Roll" Buck Zumhofe posted a video on his YouTube channel to comment on my photo of him that was published in the March 2011 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. For the record, I did not write the caption for the photos of Zumhofe and Greg Gagne. I only took the photos.
The caption to my photos was "Two reasons why no one is clamoring for an AWA reunion". Well if you are clamoring for an AWA reunion then you are in luck. Kenny "The Sodbuster" Jay his having a benefit for the histiocytosis association on Saturday April 2, 2011. Advertised to appear at this event are Larry Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell, Red Bastien, Dr X, Nick Bockwinkle and Buck Zumhofe. This event will take place at the American Legion in Savage, MN from 6pm till midnight and the cost is $15. Click here for more info on the event.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

AWF Elk River, MN 2/26/2011

The American Wrestling Federation held "February Free for All V" at the Elk River High School this past Saturday night. This was a fund raiser show for the high schools football team. This event was taped for the AWF's TV show Saturday Night Slam. SNS can be seen on channel 45 at 11pm in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. You can also watch all the AWF SNS episodes on YouTube.
In the opening match "The Bulldog" Sammy Savard defeated "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon. Savard finished off Cannon with a stunner. Cannon's mohawk is getting pretty tall.
Benjamin Sailer & Ryan Cruz defeated John Johnson & Aaron Corbin to become the new AWF tag team champions. Sailer & Cruz are calling their tag team "Martial Law". If you think that's a good name for a good guy tag team leave a comment below. Just click on the word "comment". You don't even have to log in or anything.
Mitch Paradise pinned Mikey Wipeout after a choke power bomb. Wipeout used to go by the name Stanley but now he is doing a 'surfer dude' gimmick. Wipeout even rode the wave on Paradises back.
"All Star" Paul Brewski defeated The Black Stallion.
"live Wire" Johnny Parks defeated AWF heavy weight champion Arya Daivari. Unfortunately Parks won the match by DQ as Daivari hit referee Rob Page. After Page was knocked out another ref ran into the ring when Parks had Daivari pinned. The ref made the 3 count and gave the belt to Parks. Page finally woke up and DQed Daivari and gave him back the title belt.
In the main event for the night Tony DeNucci defeated "6% Body Fat" Rob James in a no DQ match.