Tuesday, December 06, 2011

MIW Chanhassen, MN 12/3/2011

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to the Chanhassen American Legion this past Saturday night. The second snow fall of the year started earlier in the day so I thought there would not be many in the crowd this night.  The snow wasn’t enough to stop anyone who wanted to go to see some great MIW pro wrestling as the room was packed.
IMG_8405A Paradise’s Pit started off the night. Mitch Paradise had some uninvited guest for his pit as the Masked Jungle Fighter and his “army” came out and put boots to ass. MJF’s army now consist of Gunner Clash, PJ Thornbranch, The Rainmaker, Paul Brewski, Nick Colucci, Sean Priest and Matt Winchester. After MJFA tossed Paradise out of the ring they called out MIW champion Pete Huge to ask him to join their army. Huge and Chris Jordan came to the ring and said no to the MJFA’s offer.
IMG_8480“Playboy” Pete Huge defended his MIW title against rookie Dorrian.  Huge hit the ‘super G spot and covered Dorrian when MJFA came out to stop the 3 count so the match ended in a no contest. El Bano, Rob Ivy, Horace the psychopath and Mitch Paradise came out to attack the MJFA.  Paradise then challenged MJF to a series of matches for control of MIW.
IMG_8617PJ Thornbrach, in his debut match, defeated Rob Ivy and his moustache. Thornbrach had some help from MJF in order to get the win. MJFA 1   MIW 0
IMG_8678Gunner Clash w/ Masked Jungle Fighter pinned El Bano. Clashed used a taser on El Bano to get the win. MJFA 2 MIW 0
IMG_8802Horace the psychopath pinned Sean Saint. This was my first time seeing Saint. He did a religious gimmick with some holy water. MJFA 2 MIW 1
IMG_8878Dorrian VS The Rainmaker w/ The Masked Jungle Fighter ended in a double count out. MJFA 2 MIW 1
IMG_8908“The All Star” Paul Brewski & Nick Colucci proclaimed themselves the MJFA tag team champions. They defended their belts against The Junk Squad, Chris Jordan & Pete Huge. The Junk Squad got the win and the belts after Huge hit the G spot on Colucci. MJFA 2 MIW 2
IMG_9168Mitch Paradise defeated Matt Winchester after a power bomb. With that win MIW won the series to stop MJF from gaining control of MIW. After the match Rob Ivy turned on his friend Paradise and joined the MJFA.

Friday, December 02, 2011

BCW Crystal, MN 11/18/2011

This past Friday night Born Champion Wrestling returned to the Crystal Community Center for an action packed night of indy pro wrestling.
IMG_7385In the opening match The Patriot 3 pinned The Cougar after a frog splash.
IMG_7427Bret O’Brian defeated Udo and Savage in a 3 way dance. O’Brian pinned Savage to get the 3 count. This was my first time seeing Savage in action as this was his BCW debut.
IMG_7594Horace The Psychopath defeated Cpl. Julio Julio.
IMG_7667Judd Jennrich pinned Kamikaze Klecker. Jennrich needed outside help and some brass knuckles to get the win.
IMG_7836BCW Twin Cities champion Ryan Cruz retained the title when he beat Craven Knyte. This championship title was originally called the ‘rivals championship’ but I guess BCW realized that sounded dumb so it was changed. Be sure to check out the current issue of The Wrestler for an ‘Introducing’ feature on Knyte. If you can’t find it on on news stands you can order it from the PWI web site for $4 off the cover price. Also in that issue you can see photos I took of Mat Fitchett and John Morrison.
IMG_7927The Prophet defeated Venom. After ref Rob Page was knocked down Bret O’Brian hit Venom with a chair and put The Prophet on top of Venom for the pin.
IMG_8089“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon pinned “6% Body Fat” Rob James after a brain buster.
IMG_8275BCW heavy weight champion Darin Corbin defeated The Black Stallion to retain the belt. Corbin had some help from The Entourage to get the win. After the match Dirty Ernie came out to challenge Corbin to a no DQ match at the next BCW event. I hope this photo doesn’t make Corbin look fat.