Friday, September 24, 2010

AWF Oakdale, MN 9/18/2010

This past Saturday night the American Wrestling Federation held a fund raiser event at Tartan High School in Oakdale, MN.
TV announcer Mortimer Plumtree came to the ring to do the TV taping intros. Then he called AWF senior official Rob Page to the ring for an announcement. Page told the crowd that AWF champion Tony DeNucci was attacked in the locker room and that AWF commissioner Sabrina Perri decided to strip DeNucci of the belt and start a tournament for the title. Page also showed off the brand new AWF championship belt. I must say, this is one of the finest looking wrestling belts I've ever seen. All the singles matches on tonight's card were part of the AWF championship tournament.
Arya Daivari defeated Cpl. Julio Julio in a first round match.
Lenny Lane defeated rookie Chiropractor DC in another first round match. This was my first time seeing DC and I think it was only his second match. Lane made DC tap out to the walls of lane. If DC ever has any finishing moves I think they should be called "the spinal crusher" or "the adjustment".
In the third match of the card Mitch Paradise wrestled Brody Hoofer. The match ended in a double count out. I'm not sure if that means that both men are now out of the tournament or not.
The AWF tag team champions John Johnson & Aaron Corbin defeated Ryan Cruz & Benjamin Sailer to retain the belts. It was odd to see Sailer tag with someone else as he and Nate Bash have been a regular tag team for the last three years. Being that both Sailer and Cruz wrestle often in tag team action they worked really well together in this match. The three count came after Corbin kicked Cruz's face into the crowd and Johnson made the pin as he was the legal man.
In the last match of the night Johnny Parks defeated Thoruf Marius. Mitch Paradise came to ring side to try to help Marius but it backfired and Parks got the win to advance in the tournament.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BCW Crystal, MN 9/10/2010

This past Friday night at the Crystal Community Center Born Championship Wrestling presented "Friday Night Fights".
In the opening match The Prophet defeated Kamikaze Klecker with the message. Klecker came to the ring with a black Spiderman mask but took it off before the match started.
The next match of the night was Patriot 3 VS Cpl. Julio Julio. I left the ring side area because I had to use the rest room. When I returned Horace the Psychopath was in the ring and both wrestlers were out side and the match was declared a no contest. Horace came to the ring to call out BCW owner Judd Jennrick for his interference in Horace's championship match against Darrin Corbin a few months ago.
Trent Jones defeated Udo. This was the first time that I've seen Jones in the ring in a few years. I think that Jones had his feet on the ropes during the 3 count.
Horace got what he asked for when he interrupted the second match of the night when he got to face Judd Jennrick. This match didn't take place in the ring much. They went outside into the rain where they rolled around in the mud on a baseball field. Back inside the building they took the match into the men's room were Horace game Jennrick a swirly. I usually post a photo that favors the winner of the match but this photo had to be seen as the only people who followed the wrestlers into the men's room was the video guy and me. The match finally got back into the ring and Jennrick got help from BCW champion Darin Corbin to get the pin.
"Mr. 6% Body Fat" Rob James came out and issued a challenge to any fat slob in the building. Marky Mang came out to accept the challenge. This was my first time seeing Mang. After a few minutes Ryan Cruz came out and the match was now a three way dance. Cruz got the pin on James after a boom sha ka la ka.
BCW champion Darin Corbin retained his belt against "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon. Corbin had some help from Judd Jennrick's body guard.
The main event of the night was fans bring the weapons tag team championship match between BCW champions The Neighborhood Watch (Mark Barker & Cameron Cross) and 101 Proof(Venom & Bret O'Brian). I had to leave before this match really got started.