Wednesday, March 25, 2009

F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 3/20/2009

F1rst Wrestling returned to First Ave in downtown Minneapolis, MN with a card named Minneapolis Massacre. I missed the last F1rst Wrestling card that was held at the West St. Paul Armory at the end of January as I was on vacation.
Heavy On Wrestling brought in the Iron Sheik for an autograph/photo session before the first bell and at intermission. The Iron Sheik got on the house mic at intermission and told the fans what he thought of Hulk Hogan.
In the opening match The Junk Squad defeated 101 Proof in a tag team contest. As you can see in the photo here Pete Huge of the Junk Squad got some help from his valet Allison Wonderland. Venom was pinned by Huge after Wonderland kicked him in the balls. Huge was suppose to wrestler two roller derby girls after one of them hit him in the balls last time at First Ave but the roller derby girls could not appear at F1rst Wrestling by orders of their league officials. Something about roller derby being above pro wrestling.
In the next match Udo defeated The Prophet, Pierre Abernathy and Gary J in a 4 man match. This was my first time seeing Abernathy and J. I believe they came up from the St. Louis area.
Brody Hoofer defeated Thoruf Marius in a falls count anywhere match. There were no introductions for this match as the wrestlers started fighting back stage. These two big men took this match all over First Ave, the even went into the woman's bathroom. Hoofer finished off Marius with two chair shots to the head and a body slam on the stage.
In the battle of former friends Arik Cannon defeat Cody O'Neill. After his lose O'Neill challenged Cannon to more more match. That match will be O'Niell's last match ever. O'Neill has some nagging injuries so he wants to hang up his boots for good.
Midwest Ground & Air kept their unbeaten in Minnesota streak alive by once again defeating Northstar Express. Towards the end of the match Nate Bash climbed off of Darin Corbin's shoulders and on the the the stairways. From there Bash jumped down on to Corbin and Ryan Cruz.
The main event on this night was an Extreme rules match between Rob James and Horace the Psychopath. This was a very brutal match with thumb tacks, barb wire baseball bats, barb wire chairs and a flaming table. Well, it would have had the flaming table if they hadn't used a fire proof table. After trying to lite the table on fire unsuccessfully Horace put a barb wire wrapped chair on the table and power bombed James through it to get the 3 count. This was a very bloody and brutal match.

Monday, March 16, 2009

MIW Moundsview, MN 3/13/2009

This last Friday night Minnesota Independent Wrestling debuted at a new venue as they took their ring to Roberts bar in Moundsview, MN for "Feel the Pain '09". I liked this new venue but the bar made some what of an odd request. Roberts management asked that music be played during the matches. This seemed to through off some of the wrestlers as the music played was really not to their liking. I've been to other promotions that have done commentating over the wrestling and that was pretty weird. But I've also been to sporting events that play music during game play but they usually played up beat music to go with the action. The music played during the matches on this card was more like dance music. The Matches started at a little after 8:30 and ended at just after midnight.

Like last week in Chanhassen this card saw the return of a few old MIW wrestlers. The difference this week is that the returning wrestlers had not been in the ring for over 6 years. Besides the two returning wrestlers there were also three wrestlers making their MIW debut.
The opening contest was between two MIW rookies. In this match Cpl. Julio Julio defeated "The Law" Mark Barker.
"Playboy" Pete Huge with Allison Wonderland defeated the debuting Ugly. This was my first time seeing Ugly and to tell you the truth, he really didn't look that ugly.
Daryl Hall defeated Blazing Benjamin with a roll up. This was Benjamin's first time in MIW.
Danny Duggan with Allison Wonderland defeated Mickey McCoy with some help from Huge. As Duggan and Huge beat on McCoy after the match Brody Hoofer came out to make the save. Following the MIW formula this set up a tag team match for later in the night.
Cpl Julio Julio defeated Mikey Stanley and Trevor Gibson in a three way dance. Gibson was the third wrestler to make their MIW debut on this night.
K-Train defeated Rick Mathews with a stunner. This match was K-Trains return to the squared circle after more then 6 years. He looked pretty good in the ring for having that much time off and he also had a lot of fans at ring side who still had their K-Train t-shirts.
MIW heavy weight champion Mitch Paradise defeated "The new face of country music" Jeremy Biggs with the Masked Producer to retain the belt.
Dysfunction pinned AJ Shanchez after a super kick. Dysfunction was on the mic earlier in the night talking about how he was just in a king of the death match tournament but on this night he would not be doing any hard core for the stupid fans in Minnesota.
Brody Hoofer & Mickey McCoy defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge & Danny Duggan with Allison Wonderland. McCoy put Huge through a table out side the ring but the match ended in the ring when Hoofer pinned Duggan.
The main event for the night was the Roberts Rumble which was a Royal Rumble rules match. All the wrestlers from the earlier matches were in the rumble as well as two who were only in the rumble. The first of the two being Johnny Gadaski who was formerly known as Johnny Goldengate. The second fresh wrestler in the Rumble was also the second returning wrestler, Dr. Darin Davis, the wrestling proctologist. Davis came to the Roberts mostly to see old friends but he ended up being put into the Roberts Rumble. Check out his blog for for his view on the night.
K-Train won the Roberts Rumble when he clothes lined Pete Huge over the top rope.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MIW Chanhassen, MN 3/7/2009

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to a full house at the Chanhassen American Legion this past Saturday night. On this night two wrestlers made their return to MIW.
In the opening contest "The Professional" Benjamin Sailer defeated The Black Stallion with a top rope sunset flip.
The first of the two returning wrestlers on this night was "The Genuine Article" Chris Jordan. Jordan defeated rookie "The Law" Mark Barker. This was my first time seeing Barker as "The Law". Barker has gone through a few different names in the past 6 months and I hope he sticks with this one. It's been a while since there has been a man of the law in the MSP area.

The second wrestler of the night to make their return to MIW was Austin Aries. Before the first bell of the night Aries came out and made a challenge to anyone in the back. Cpl. Julio Julio came out to accept the challenge. Aries revealed that Julio was one of his trainees and he tried to talk Julio out of the match. Aries won the match of teacher vs student when Julio missed a move using the ropes and Aries put him away with a brain buster.
"The Popular" Nate Bash pinned "Playboy" Pete Huge.
Mitch Paradise became the new MIW heavy weight champion when he defeated Brody Hoofer. Paradise had a little help with his win as The Black Stallion and came out to distract the ref and Huge hit Hoofer with a chair.