Saturday, August 18, 2007

AWA RUSH Faribault, MN 8/17/2007

AWA RUSH returned to Spikes bar in Faribault, MN on this Saturday night.
The first match was a tag team match with the RUSH tag team champions The Junk Squad facing off against Hype Gotti & Babyface. This was my first time seeing Gotti and second time seeing Babyface. Pete Huge & Kleck Micheals won the match and retained their title.
Cooter came out to the ring and ripped on Gator Magraw. Long time partner/opponent Casanova didn't like what Cooter had to say so he challenged him to a match. Casanova was sporting a really nice mullet. And this was the last photo that my camera took that night as it broke. I think it had something to do with the mullet.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

NPW Lonsdale, MN 8/10/2007

Northstar Premier Wrestling held their last event of the year as they presented 'Beat Down: The Night of Hardcore' at the South 40 pub in Lonsdale, MN. The main event to this card was a 4 way hardcore rules match. The 4 men in this match were determined by 4 matches earlier in the night, all under hardcore rules.

The opening contest was an ICW/Milwaukee showcase match between Mickey McCoy and Justin Dredd. This was my first time seeing Dredd in person though I've seen many photos on line of him from Wisconsin photographer Jill Mckee. Check out Jill's online album. McCoy won the match with a roll up and hand full of Dredd's trunks.
In the first of the beat down 4 way qualifying matches Brody Hoofer beat Arya Daivari. Hoofer took one of Arya's 8x10's off the merchandise table (with out paying for it) and used a staple gun to attach it to Daivari's arm.
Esteban Molina beat Benjamin Sailer in the second beat down qualifying match.
JB Trask beat Aaron Corbin to move onto the main event. Corin some how got his pal Shimdog to step in as the referee for this match but it still didn't help him beat Trask.
Kid Krazy returned to Minnesota for this event and made sure he wasn't going way after the first match as he beat Arik Cannon to be the 4th man in the Beat Down main event.
The O'Neill Twinz beat Zero Tolerance to win the NPW tag team championship.
In a 'hair Vs career' match James Thomas beat Jayson Vaine to end the career of Vaine. I was rooting for Vaine in this match as I thought Thomas could really use a new hair cut. This match was done under hardcore rules as well. Thomas used a cheese grater to cut Vaine. There were pools of Vaines blood all over the ring as you can see at the foot of the chair in this photo.

I first saw Vaine back in 2003 at an MIW card in Brooklyn Park, MN. He had to take off time from the ring as he had a much more important battle out side the ring with cancer. He returned to the ring in 2005 bald and much thinner.
After all the blood was cleaned up from the ring it was time for the big heavy weights as Mitch Paradise defeated Skull Crusher Rashe Brown.
JB Trask won the Beat Down Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match by pinning Esteban Molina after a fire ball to the face and fall through a table. Brody Hoofer was the first one eliminated after a van terminator from Kid Krazy. Then Krazy was pinned by Trask.

I added this photo of the puddle of blood that was left in the ring from the Vaine/Thomas match. Yep, it was a bloody one match.