Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AWF Elk River, MN 2/25/2012

This past Saturday night the American Wrestling Federation held their annual fund raiser for the Elk River high school football team. This event was also a TV taping for the AWF Saturday Night Slam TV show that can be seen on channel 45 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
IMG_3908In the first match Ryan Cruz defeated Rob James.
IMG_4015The Black Stallion pinned Mr. KK (Kamikaze Klecker)
IMG_4067Tony DeNucci pinned El Muerto  after a frog splash.
IMG_4195Johnny Parks came out for his match but his opponent never came out. A name was announced that I didn’t hear and music was played but no one came out. The ref counted to 10 and Parks was the winner. El Muerto was dumb enough to come to the ring and attack Parks.
IMG_4253Craven Knyte became the first AWF Elite champion when he defeated John Johnson.
IMG_4454AWF World champion Wildcat defeated former champion Arya Daivari in a no dq match. After his victory Wildcat wanted to celebrate with an adult beverage but the bar tender wouldn’t serve him with the mask on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 2/17/2012

Prime Time Wrestling returned to the Knights of Columbus in Bloomington, MN this past Friday night.
IMG_2842The first match of the night was between El Bano and The Brauler. The match was declared a draw when PTW champion Lenny Lane came out and stopped the match. Lane did set up a rematch between El Bano and The Brauler for the next event on March 30th. But first they did a push-up contest. The Brauler won that contest as Lane prevented El Bano from doing more push-ups.
IMG_2987In the second match Arya Daivari pinned Mitch Paradise. Daivari was about to be chock slammed when he hit Paradise in the nuts.
IMG_3164The next match was originally scheduled to be an inter-gender tag team match pitting  Robby Thunder & Tiger Lilly  against The Black Stallion & Jordana K. For some reason Stallion was replaced by Renny D and it was no a singles match. But if Renny D won then Jordana K would get 5 minutes against Lilly. Robby Thunder got the three count over Renny D after the code breaker.
IMG_3321Ian Xavier & Udo defeated The Rainmaker & The Black Stallion. Magic Man was scheduled to be Xavier’s partner but he was injured so Udo replaced him. The Rainmaker tagged himself back into the match and was pinned. Stallion didn’t like The Rainmaker tagging himself in so he left the ring area. Xavier, Udo and Magic Man then put boots to ass until Chris Dorrian came out to help Rainmaker. This set up a tag team match for the March 30th event.
IMG_3431PTW champion Lenny Lane retained the title against Chiropractor DC. The match was first awarded to DC when he got the three count on Lane. But when the referee raised DC’s hand brass knuckles fell to the mat and the referee then awarded the match to Lane.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

3XW Des Moines, IA 1/27/2012

IMG_1468This past Friday night 3XW held their “Divide & Conquer” card at All Play – Baratta’s Forte Ballroom in downtown Des Moines. It’s been a year since I last made my way down highway 35 to 3XW. I really like the new set up that they have at this place. Next to the entrance ramp there is a ‘jumbo-tron’ where entrance videos and promos are shown.
IMG_0958The opening match was a rematch from the finals of  the 2011 King of Des Moines which took place back in August 2011. The King of Des Moines Ryan Slade pinned Zach Thompson.
IMG_1026Gage Octane & Casanova with Todd Countryman defeated Barry Ryte & Ray Stryker. The rookies Ryte & Stryker were no match for the members of Genesis. At least I think Ryte & Stryker are rookies because I’ve never seen them before.
IMG_1143Miss Natural pinned Stacy O’Brian. This was the first match for these two at 3XW. Last time I saw Miss Natural was back in 2004 at First Ave when she team with Angel Williams (aka Angelina Love) to take on O.D.B. & Josie.
IMG_1274Ricky Kwong with Chad Mylan pinned Sir Bradley Charles. SBC was distracted when some anarchist appeared on the ‘jumbotron’ and Kwong rolled him up for the three count.
IMG_14073XW Heavy weight champion Mark Sterling defeated Maddog McDowell with Skylar Pierce to retain the title. After the match Sterling put the boots to McDowell. Jon West came out to save his American Bulldog tag partner but ended up getting beat up by Sterling.
IMG_15903XW tag team champions “The Professional” Benjamin Sailer & “Everyones Favorite” Nate Bash (American Ground & Air) VS “Rock N Roll” Mike Sydal & “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell went to a time limit draw. Rockwell had Sailer in a Boston crab when the 15 minute time limit expired. This was a non title match.
IMG_1710Jaysin Strife pinned “The American Fury” Jon West with Skylar Pierce. West was holding his sore neck from when he got beat up by Sterling earlier.
IMG_1767“Torturous” Tony Sly defeated “Delicious” Devin Carter with Todd Countryman.
IMG_1934The main event was an NWA World heavy weight championship match between champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pierce and challenger “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt. The fans in Des Moines thought they saw the NWA title change hands on this night. The first ref was knocked out of the ring. Wyatt make Pierce tap out but no ref was in the ring. Mark Sterling came out to help Pierce but Wyatt tossed him out. A new ref came out and Wyatt got the pin on Pierce. But no, the first ref got up and and said that he saw Sterling hit Pierce with a spear so Wyatt was DQed. So the title was given back to Pierce.