Wednesday, December 23, 2009

IWA Savage, MN 12/19/2009

The Intercontinental Wrestling Association return to their home venue at Niesons Sports Bar in Savage, MN this past Saturday night. On this card the IWA booked a couple of new faces to the MSP area.
In the opening match Heavy D lost to The Brauler. That really should read that Heavy D lost to referee Patrick Lomax as it was after a choke slam from Lomax that The Brauler got the pin.
In the next match Venom and Mini Venom (Bad Boy Brian) defeated Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday & Mini Spiderbaby (Chad Strong). Bad Boy Brian was recently seen on WWE RAW as part of the 'Little Peoples Court' jury.
Big Loco pinned Craven Knyte in the third match of the card.
The Great Cheyenne made her IWA/Minnesota debut and defeated Ann Brookstone.
Arya Daivari was scheduled to face cpl. Julio Julio in a boot camp match but Julio was in out of action with an illness. Taking Julio's place was Rob James who came out in army fatigues. To win this boot camp match one wrestler must make the other wrestler tap out. James made Daivari tap out to the dreaded crippler cross face.
The Black Stallion & The Great Malaki defeated the Barking Spiders when Malaki pinned Ox. Stallion & Malaki had some help from Daivari. The Great Malaki mad his IWA/Minnesota debut in this match. Malaki does some stuff with fire when he enters the arena and The Great Cheyenne come to the ring with him as well as two hooded men.
Horace The Psychopath defeated JB Trask in a hard core match for the #1 contender. Horace now gets a shot at the Braulers IWA title.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

IWA 12/19/2009 event poster

Here are two posters for the up coming IWA event in Savage, MN. Most of the photos are mine except for the 3 from the Chicago area.

Monday, December 14, 2009

F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 12/11/2009

F1rst Wrestling returned to their home base, First Ave, this past Saturday for an event titled "Holiday Havok". It was cold outside as well as inside the night club.
In the opening match Udo defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge. After the match Huge left his manager/valet Allison Wonderland.

Horace the Psychopath came out and demanded that Arya Daivari come out for a match. Daivari came out but said Horace first had to beat the 5-0 to get a match with him. Horace pinned both Rob Justice and Mark Barker to get a match with Daivari.
Venom defeated The Prophet.
"6% Body Fat" Rob James came out and issued his '6% challenge. This time the challenge was a pose down. Answering that challenge was Black Hogan! After two poses James attacked Hogan. This was only Hogans second time in the ring.
Arik Cannon came out to save Black Hogan and that lead to the next match. Rob James defeated Cannon after Cannon missed his glimmering warlock. James continued to punish Cannon after the bell so Black Hogan came back out to give James the big boot and leg drop combo.
Arya Daivari came out and talked about how bad Christmas is. This brought out Santa Claus and his ginger bread man helper. Santa and GBM toss presents out to the crowd then Santa gave a present to Daivari. The present was a chain with a dog collier on each end and it was from Horace. After Daivari but his collier on Santa revealed that he was really Horace and the next match started.
Arya Daivari defeated Horace the Psychopath in a dog collier match. Referee Ricky Reed stopped the match because Horace was bleeding too much. Blood was actually streaming from his forehead like a fountain. That was probably the grossest thing I ever saw in a pro wrestling match. Referee Rob Page came out and re stared the match and Daivari won this time with a roll up.
There was a thousand dollars on the line in a TLC match between the Northstar Express and Midwest Ground & Air. After Nate Bash put Ryan Cruz through a table on the outside of the ring and Benjamin Sailer put Darin Corbin through a table inside the ring Sailer climbed the ladder and took down the case with a thousand dollars in it. Bash & Sailer tossed some of their winners in to the crowd.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

AWF Red Wing, MN 12/5/2009

The American Wrestling Federation held a fund raiser event at the Red Wing high school this past Saturday night.
In the opening match Cory O'Neill won by DQ over Aaron Corbin when Corbin's partner John Johnson interfered in the match.
"The rookie sensation" Juice Robinson defeate "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon in this first time meeting.
Thoruf Marius defeated "The Winner" Johnny Parks. This was the first time I heard Parks refered to as "The Winner". Angel Armoni managed Marius for this match.
AWF tag team champions, The O'Neill Twins defeated The Misfits, Aaron Corbin & John Johnson, to retain the belts.
Former WCW cruiser weight champion Lenny Lane defeated Ryan Cruz.
AWF heavy weight champion Tony DeNucci defeated Arya Daivari to retain the belt. Daivari was managed by Angel Armoni for this match.

Friday, November 27, 2009

AWF Princeton, MN poster

Poster for the up coming AWF event in Princeton, MN. Most of the photos were taken by me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AWF Annandale, MN 11/21/2009

The American Wrestling Federation hit the Annandale High School for a big fund raiser event. There were 5 big matches on this card and a new AWF heavyweight champion was crowned.
Arya Daivari defeated Sammy Savard in the opening match.
Mitch Paradise pinned Juice Robinson.
The AWF tag team champions retained their titles when they beat the Misfits (Aaron Corbin and John Johnson). During the match Johnson sprained his ankle when did an elbow drop on Cody O'Neill. Johnson left the match after he tagged out to Corbin right after the elbow drop.
Thoruf Marius defeated K-Train with a choke slam.
Tony DeNucci became the AWF heavy weight champion when he defeated Chris Black. Black had a lot of help from his manager Angel Armoni but he still was not able to beat DeNucci.

Monday, November 16, 2009

AWF poster for this Saturday in Annandale, MN

The American Wrestling Federation will be in Annandale, MN this Saturday night November 21st, 2009. Three of the action photos are mine as well as the posed photos of Tony DeNucci, Arya Daivari, K-Train and Haystacks. The one of Sammy Savard might be mine as well but for sure the really bad photo of Lenny Lane is not mine.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

IWA Bloomington, MN 11/7/2009

The Intercontinental Wrestling Association was at the Bloomington, MN Knights of Columbus for 6 big matches. This was the first time I've ever been to this venue and thought it was a very nice place for a pro wrestling event. The ceiling was low but not too low. There was a snack bar as well as a full beverage bar.
In the opening match Horace the Psychopath defeated Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday. I believe this was the first time these two have faced each other one on one.
"The Extreme Assassin" Craven Knyte defeated The Prophet. This was the first time wrestling in IWA for both of these men.
Cpl. Julio Julio defeated El Bano.
Arya Daivari defeated Mike Stanley with the magic carpet ride. This was Arya's first time in the IWA.
Big Loco defeated The Black Stallion by count out when Stallion left the ring and went to the locker room.
The Brauler defeated Kenny "the Sodbuster" Jay. The Brauler claims to be the IWA champion. Jay is 72 years old.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

F1rst Wrestling West St. Paul, MN 10/24/2009

I missed the all of the second round matches of the F1rst Wrestling Sweet Sixteen tournament plus a few non tournament match as I was at the IWA-MN card on the other side of the Twin Cities for the MN debut of Amy Hennig.
The Orsirian Portal defeated Nate Bash & Darin Corbin in tag team action. I got to the arena just after all four wrestlers did the dance from Jackson's Beat It. Damn, wish I would have seen that.
Horace The Psychopath defeated STIGMA in a match where they brawled all over the place.
Benjamin Sailer defeated Pete Huge in the second round of the tourny but he was the first one eliminated from the 4 way finals match.
Arik Cannon defeated Ryan Cruz to advance to the finals but he was the second one eliminated.
Claudio Castingnol defeated Mike Quackenbush to move on in the tourny.
Lince Dorado won the big cup as he pinned Castignoli.

IWA-MN Savage, MN 10/24/2009

The Intercontinental Wrestling Association of MN returned to Niesons Sports bar in Savage, MN this past Saturday night. The main attraction on this card was the MN debut of Curt Hennig's daughter Amy Hennig.
In the opening match The Brauler defeated Tommy Mason. The Brauler came out with two females he called his Brauler Babes and they did a nice flippy routine in the ring.
Big Loco defeated Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday in the second match of the night.
Trent Stone defeated Mikey Stanley. This was my first time seeing Stone as he made his way up to MN from Harley Race's WLW.
Third generation wrestler Amy Hennig defeated Ann Brookstone. Hennig wore a two piece suit that looked like her dad Curt's old singlet. Hennig won the match with the perfectplex.
There were two more matches after the ladies match but I had to leave to get to the finals of the F1rst Wrestling Sweet Sixteen.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

F1rst Wrestling West St. Paul, MN 10/23/2009

F1rst Wrestling held their first round of their Sweet Sixteen tournament last night at the West St. Paul armory. For this tournament some wrestlers from Chikara pro wrestling were brought in. All matches on this card were first round matches.
Ryan Cruz defeated Amasis in the first match of the night.
"Playboy" Pete Huge defeated Venom after a low blow and g spot.
Rob James defeated STIGMA. The origanal opponet for James was scheduled to be Hydra but Stigma took his place.
J"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon defeated "The Popular" Nate Bash.
"The Professional" Benjamin Sailer pinned Arya Daivari.
Claudio Castignoli defeated Darin Corbin.
"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush defeated Ophidian.
In the battle of cat vs dog it was the cat who won when Lince Dorado defeated the Yellow Dog. Lot's of comedy in this match.