Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two former pro wrestlers going extreme for charity

On January 31, 2009 Nora Greenwald will jump into the icy cold waters of White Bear Lake in White Bear Lake, MN. Greenwald will be 'freezin for a reason' as she is doing it to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota. To donate to Greenwalds cause you can go to the web site and click on 'find a plunger'. The forecast for that day is sunny and 20 above 0. I'm guessing that Greenwald will not be wearing a bikini when she takes the plunge.
Former MN indy wrestler BJ Van Beusekom, aka Drej, will be running a marathon, a 24 hour marathon that is. Van Beusekom will start this marathon on February 2, 2009 at Athletic Performance Inc in Brooklyn Center, MN. While doing this he is tiring to raise money for the American Lung Association. (Drej Vs Bigg Mac 6/28/2003 West St. Paul, MN PWA)
Good luck to both Greenwald and Van Beusekom.

Friday, January 23, 2009

8 Stupid Questions with Lacey

Name: Lacey
Years Pro: 8 1/2
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Home Town: Minneapolis, MN
1. Was it hard to train for pro wrestling as a female? Extremely! I think it's hard to go through for anyone, but there are definitely extra challenges going through as a minority in this male-dominated environment. Women aren't exactly looked upon with the utmost respect in the wrestling industry, and there are definitely some women around that absolutely don't help our cause in gaining that respect. It's unfortunate! But, on the bright side, its really helped me to grow into a strong and independent person. ( Lacey Vs Pete Huge 4/11/2004 Promociones Renegado Lucha )
2. The battle lines have been drawn, you must pick a side. Are you with team Aniston or team Jolie?Eh, I'm neutral. Don't really know much or care about either, but Jolie does seem to do a ton of charity work and is a good will ambassador and all that so I suppose I'll pick her. ( Lacey Vs Josie 12/6/2003 FLWA)
3. Have you ever been injured in the ring? I've had a few concussions, been busted open a few times, black eyes, stuff like that. Also jacked up my knee pretty badly a few years ago by dislocating the knee cap and slightly tearing some tendons and ligaments. Luckily, surgery was not needed. ( Lacey with Jimmy Jacobs Vs Roderick Strong 6/24/2006 ROH)
4. What’s the weirdest thing you ever received from a fan? Customized booty shorts. WEIRD. (Lacey Vs Rain 4/11/2004 Promociones Renegado Lucha)
5. Who is the greatest female wrestler from Minnesota, Nora Greenwald or Madusa? I love them both!!! I really looked up to and admired both of them when I was younger. They both definitely played a role in my desire to start training. (Lacey Vs Allison Danger 4/27/2007)
6. So ah…what do you think about the war in Iraq? I think its pointless, horrible, awful, terrible, disgusting, a gigantic waste of money and resources, a gigantic waste of lives, an incomprehensible injustice to all of humanity...etc. etc. etc (Lacey at F1rst Wrestling 4/22/2007)
7. You were an announcer on Mtv’s very short lived Wrestling Society X. If you could get cast on another Mtv show what would it be?Absolutely NONE of them. Well, unless my role on the show was to fuck everybody up Grand Theft Auto style. I can't even comprehend the shows on Mtv (well, most tv) these days. It's sick these people exist to populate these reality shows and its sick there's such a market for it! ( Lacey with Arik Cannon 1/21/2004 Downtown Championship Wrestling)
8. So are you still wrestling or what? For now...I've got more important things to focus on. Also, really, no creepy wrestling fans deserve to see me in the ring! (The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew 4/27/2007 ROH)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

ECHO Pro St. Cloud, MN 1/16/2009

There is a new promotion in Minnesota called ECHO Pro and they held their first event this past Friday night at the St. Cloud National Guard Armory. Former WCW/WWE wrestler Shannon Moore was the advertised headline but he was mixed up on which night his match with Pete Huge was so he did not make it for the premier of ECHO Pro. Near the wrestlers entrance there was a large screen set up with a projector. The projector was hooked up to the ring side camera. I think the screen and projector would have been better used if they had some pre recorded promos/interviews to play on the screen so the fans could get to know the wrestlers.
Ann Brookstone & Brody Hoofer defeated Allison Wonderland & Pete Huge in the opening contest. As mentioned above Huge was scheduled to face Shannon Moore in the main event for the ECHO Pro championship. With Moore not there ECHO Pro owner John Black put Huge in a mixed tag match with his valet Wonderland.
Tag team partners wrestled against each other on this card as Nate Bash defeated Benjamin Sailer in this exhibition match. The match went to a 10 minute time limit draw but the fans demanded 5 more minutes. Bash got the win with a roll up.
"Lightning" Toryn Cross and Josh Calisto ended their match with a double count out. Cross used to wrestle under the name Red Lightning.
"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon defeated "Genuine Article" Chris Jordan. Connon got the pin after an exploder suplex and then a glimmering warlock.
Joey Envy defeated Kamikaze Klecker, "6% Body Fat" Rob James and Ryan Cruz in a 4 way falls count anywhere elemination match. Cruz was eliminated first by James. Then Envy eliminated James with a super kick. Being that it was a falls count anywhere in the city of St. Cloud the final two wresters decided to take the match out side. The tempeture on this night was 4 above 0 and there was snow on the ground. After another super kick Envy got the 3 count on Klecker in the snow. Ref Rob Page borrowed a jacket when he went outside. The wrestler should have done the same.
In the main event Darin Corbin defeated Lenny Lane. Ref Rob Page was knocked down when Lane brougth a chair in to the ring.When Page got up Lane was on the mat and Corbin was holding the chair so Page disqualified Corbin. Black came out and informed let Page know that Corbin did not use the chair so Page restarted the match. Corbin then got the pin after a lungblower.

Monday, January 12, 2009

F1rst Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 1/9/2009

After a four months F1rst Wrestling returned to First Ave in downtown Minneapolis this past Friday night with a card titled 'Enter Sandman'. With a name like that it can mean only one thing, an appearance by former ECW champion Sandman.
In the first match of the card the New Generation defeated the Northstar Express. These two teams have had many matches in the past as they have fueded since 2004. After Aaron Corbin and Cody O'Neill hit the move in this photo O'Neill pinned Ryan Cruz.
Venom pinned Udo after a muscle buster like move.
Rob James challeneged 'any fat slob in the building'. Instead of some fat slob some skinny farmer guy answered James' challenge. SFG didn't stand much of a chance against James as James got the 3 count on him in just a few minutes.
After beating SFG Rob James called for another challenger. Kamikaze Klecker came out to accept that challenge. Klecker got the win over James after a moonsault.
Midwest Ground & Air defeated The Junk Squad. Right before this match Jaw Braker and Tiki Torture, two members of the Minnesota Roller Girls, came to the ring to promote there up coming event. The Junk Squad came to the ring and Pete Huge got on the mic and told the Roller Girls to get out of the ring. Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer then came out to start the match. As Sailer and Chris Jordan fought out side the ring Huge hit Bash with a low blow. It looked like the Midwest Ground & Air MN undefeated streak would end on this night. Rollergirl Jaw Breaker got in the ring and gave Huge a low blow. Bash rolled Huge up and got the 3 count.
Arik Cannon pinned Jerry Lynn after a glimmering warlock.
Brody Hoofer defeated Thoruf Marius in another battle of the big men. Hoofer got a cut near his eye when the two butted heads early in the match.
In the main event Horace the Psycopath defeated Sandman. The match before this one had more blood.
F1rst Wrestling returns to the West St. Paul Armory on January 30th.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MIW Chanhassen, MN 1/3/2009

My first card of 2009 was this past Saturday at the Chanhassen American Legion where Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to action. This card featured the regular MIW wrestlers pulse 4 Canadian wrestlers making their MIW debut. This was my first time seeing 3 of the 4 Canadians. Snow was falling on this night but about 100 fans came out to see the MIW wrestlers in action.
In the opening match Corporal Julio Julio defeated Rick Mathews by submission.
Benjamin Sailer defeated Danny Duggan by DQ when Pete Huge ran out and attacked Sailer. Nate Bash came to his Midwest Ground & Air partner to set up a tag match later in the card.
Mark Barker & El Bano defeated Daryl Hall & Jeremy Biggs.
MIW heavy weight champion Brody Hoofer retained his belt by pinning The Black Stallion.
Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer kept their MN win steak alive by beating Pete Huge & Danny Duggan.
Mitch Paradise defeated AJ Sanchez. There was a stipulation made before the first match of the night that Paradise had to beat Sanchez in less then 10 minutes. The time expired just before Sanchez almost got the 3 count on Paradise. Seeing as how Paradise did not get the win in the 10 minutes I thought that Sanchez would then be the winner but the match was restarted because Sanchez asked for 5 more minutes. After the restart The Black Stallion hit Sanchez with a chair on the out side of the ring and Paradise got the win.
Editors note: I once again for got make a new copy right brush with the new year. All these photos were taken 2009.