Tuesday, September 25, 2007

AWA RUSH Mankato, MN 9/22/2007

AWA RUSH presented 'Grapple Cup', an 8 man tournament to decide who would face the AWA light heavyweight champion on the first anniversary card in October 2007. This card took place at the Eagles Club on a Saturday night. My camera was now fixed and this was the first card I was able to make it to in over a month. Before the first bell Gator Magraw got on the mic and announced that all AWA RUSH DVD's and t-shirts were on sale for $5. I guessed that it was a 'going out of business' sale and just today I learned that that was a correct guess. RUSH owner/promoter Gator Magraw announced today that AWA RUSH would run one more card then it will be done.
The opening match was between Kleck Micheals and Arya Daivari. Micheals tag team partner Pete Huge was at ring side and he got involved in the match. Arya won by DQ.
Jaysin Strife ran in to save Daivari from the two on one beat down by the Junk Squad. That lead to the frist round match between Stryfe and Pete Huge. Stryfe got the win with a roll up after Huge bumped into his partner.
Shimdog beat Casanova to move onto the second round. Casanova is now without the mullet that he has that broke my camera.
Mike Rollins made his RUSH debut but lost to Matty Star. Before that match Magraw stated that if Starr lost then he would have to buy a beer/soda for everyone in the crowd.
Brody Hoofer beat Cory O'Neill in the last first round match.
Matty Starr defeated Brody Hoofer with a little help from Casanova to move on to the Grapple Cup final and once again get out of buying everyone beer/soda.
Shimdog moved on to the finals as his opponent Jaysin Strife was DQed when the Junk Squad attacked Shimdog.
Devin Carter retained his RUSH YouTube championship against Benjamin Sailer.
Black Stallion beat Aaron Corbin to win the AWA RUSH heavyweight title. This was Stallions first match in RUSH.
Matty Starr pinned Shimdog to win the AWA RUSH Grapple Cup. Referee Rick Reed was hurting a little too much to notice that Starr was using the ropes to get the pin. Starr will now face AWA light heavyweight champion Kirby Mack on October 12, 2007 on the AWA RUSH's last card.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Josie

Happy birthday today to independent wrestler Josie.

The photo on the top left is from 12/21/03 at MPW in Maple Grove, MN VS Miss Natural. The second one is from 8/13/03 at First Ave in Minneapolis, MN against Rain. The last photo is from 6/23/04 at First Ave VS Angel Williams.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Rain

I've been inactive the last month as there has not been much going on in this area and my camera was out of commission for a week or two. So with very few post lately I decided to add a few photos here of someone who's birthday it is today, Rain.

The first photo is from 12/06/03 in St. Paul, MN VS Josie on an MIW card. The middle photo is from 5/22/04 in New Prague, MN against Lacey at a PWA event. And the on on the right is from ROH on 4/27/07 in St. Paul, MN as the MN Homewrecking Crew took on Dangerous Angels.