Saturday, October 31, 2009

F1rst Wrestling West St. Paul, MN 10/24/2009

I missed the all of the second round matches of the F1rst Wrestling Sweet Sixteen tournament plus a few non tournament match as I was at the IWA-MN card on the other side of the Twin Cities for the MN debut of Amy Hennig.
The Orsirian Portal defeated Nate Bash & Darin Corbin in tag team action. I got to the arena just after all four wrestlers did the dance from Jackson's Beat It. Damn, wish I would have seen that.
Horace The Psychopath defeated STIGMA in a match where they brawled all over the place.
Benjamin Sailer defeated Pete Huge in the second round of the tourny but he was the first one eliminated from the 4 way finals match.
Arik Cannon defeated Ryan Cruz to advance to the finals but he was the second one eliminated.
Claudio Castingnol defeated Mike Quackenbush to move on in the tourny.
Lince Dorado won the big cup as he pinned Castignoli.

IWA-MN Savage, MN 10/24/2009

The Intercontinental Wrestling Association of MN returned to Niesons Sports bar in Savage, MN this past Saturday night. The main attraction on this card was the MN debut of Curt Hennig's daughter Amy Hennig.
In the opening match The Brauler defeated Tommy Mason. The Brauler came out with two females he called his Brauler Babes and they did a nice flippy routine in the ring.
Big Loco defeated Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday in the second match of the night.
Trent Stone defeated Mikey Stanley. This was my first time seeing Stone as he made his way up to MN from Harley Race's WLW.
Third generation wrestler Amy Hennig defeated Ann Brookstone. Hennig wore a two piece suit that looked like her dad Curt's old singlet. Hennig won the match with the perfectplex.
There were two more matches after the ladies match but I had to leave to get to the finals of the F1rst Wrestling Sweet Sixteen.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

F1rst Wrestling West St. Paul, MN 10/23/2009

F1rst Wrestling held their first round of their Sweet Sixteen tournament last night at the West St. Paul armory. For this tournament some wrestlers from Chikara pro wrestling were brought in. All matches on this card were first round matches.
Ryan Cruz defeated Amasis in the first match of the night.
"Playboy" Pete Huge defeated Venom after a low blow and g spot.
Rob James defeated STIGMA. The origanal opponet for James was scheduled to be Hydra but Stigma took his place.
J"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon defeated "The Popular" Nate Bash.
"The Professional" Benjamin Sailer pinned Arya Daivari.
Claudio Castignoli defeated Darin Corbin.
"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush defeated Ophidian.
In the battle of cat vs dog it was the cat who won when Lince Dorado defeated the Yellow Dog. Lot's of comedy in this match.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AWF Anoka, MN 10/17/2009

This past Saturday night I got to go back to my old junior high school as the American Wrestling Federation held a fund raiser for the Anoka athletic department. This event was held at the Fred Moore middle school center for the arts. Back in my day it was just Fred Moore junior high.
In the first match of the night K-Train defeated Arya Daivari. During intermission kids came up to Daivari wanting him to autograph their programe. Most of the kids held out the progame turned to the page with Daivari's brother Shawn "Abdul Bashir" Daivari.
In the second match "The Contract Killer" defeated Zero Kincade. This was my first time seeing "The Contract Killer".
The AWF tag team titles were on the line as champions The O'Neill Twins battled The Misfits. In the match Aaron Corbin was joined by John Johnson who has been out of action for about one year. Cody & Cory O'Neill got the win and retained the belts.
Tony DeNucci defeated Chris Black. DeNucci got a cut above his eye from Black's manager Angel Armoni.
Thoruf Marius defeated Juice Robinson. I think it was during this match that the fire alarm went off in the building but no one moved an inch except to plug their ears. I remember doing many fire drills in that building and just like all those this one was a false alarm.
"Livewire" Johnny Parks defeated Lenny Lane in the main event. There was some outside interfance in this match as Lane had attacked the O'Neill Twins after their match because he is jelous of all the attention they get. The O'Neill's came out and attacked Lane when ref Jay Soltis was knocked down and the Misfits came out the even the sides. The tag teams left the ring area and Parks won the match after this leg drop shown here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

F1rst Wrestling Sweet Sixteen tournament

F1rst wrestling is holding a two night tournament at the West St. Paul armory on October 23rd & 24th, 2009. Scheduled first round matches are: "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon VS "The Popular" Nate Bash, "The King of Throwdown" Venom VS "Playboy" Pete Huge, Lince Dorado VS Yellow Dog, "6% Body fat" Rob James VS Hydra, Arya Daivari VS "The Professional" Benjamin Sailer, Amasis VS Ryan Cruz, Ohpidian VS "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush, Darin Corbin VS "Very European" Claudio Castagnoli.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

MIW Chanhassen, MN 10/3/2009

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to the Chanhassen American Legion after taking the summer months off from that venue.
El Bano defeated Jerin Rose after a big splash. This was Rose's MIW debut.
MIW heavy weight champion Brody Hoofer defended his title against "Genuine Article" Chris Jordan. These two fan favorites battled it out in a back and forth match until Shimdog and Jean Marius came out and interrupted the match. Shimdog and Marius claimed that they deserved a shot at Hoofers title. Instead of a title shot they got a tag team match for later in the card against Hoofer and Jordan.
Black Stallion defeated MIW rookie of the year CPL. Julio Julio.
"Playboy" Pete Huge defeated Matt Fairlane. This was the MIW debut of Fairlane who is also the Steeltown Pro Wrestling champion. SPW is a promotion that runs out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Brody Hoofer and Chris Jordan defeated Shimdog and Jean Marius.
Nate Bash defeated Mitch Paradise with some help from American Legion bar manager Rob Marrow.