Tuesday, May 22, 2007

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 5/20/2007

F1RST Wrestling returned to First Ave in downtown Minneapolis for their second card. I've been to this venue many times for pro wrestling and for concerts in the past and not once have any of them started on time, that is until last months F1RST Wrestling. I was great to see that they kept it up with once again start when they say they were going to start. One promotion I was at recently didn't start until over an hour after the posted bell time.
The opening match was scheduled to be Cody O'Neill VS Rob James in a battle of the two men who scored pins at the same time in a 4 corner match last month. Unfortunately James was unable to compete on this night so he got Aaron Corbin to take his place against O'Neill. These two have tagged together and fought against each other many times in the past and on this night O'Neill got the win.
Joey Envy beat Venom.
Arya Daivari won a 4 corners match against Gator Magraw, Casanova and Jasin Strife.
Jerry Lynn beat Arik Cannon. This is the second time these two have wrestled and both times Lynn got the 3 count on Cannon.

Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer beat the Northstar Express. The NSE did not put there 3XW titles on the line in this match as they did last month here at F1rst Wrestling.

Pete Huge beat his former Junk Squad partner to gain full use of the Junk Squad name. Another stipulation of the match was the loser would have to retire so this is the last that will be seen of Jordan, for now any ways. Very few wrestlers stay retired.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lucha Libre St. Paul, MN 5/19/2007

From the St. Paul National Guard Armory De la Riva presented Mejoada Y Recargada La Mejor Lucha Libre. To be honest I have no idea what that all means but this was the second card that De La Riva promoted at the St. Paul armory. This is the same building that ROH has used the 3 times they were in St. Paul. This promotion had a very nice entrance way as they had a long ramp and a light system. They also had ring ladies just like the bigger promotions in Mexico use to walk the luchadors to the ring. All the ring announcing was done in Spanish and they did some commentating during the matches as well. I don't speak Spanish so I had no idea what was going on most of the time.
The opening contest saw Lover Kid lose to Rojo Guerrero.
In tag team action (actually the rest of the matches were tag team.)Black Boy & Black Panter beat La Maquina Infernal & Lorenzo Conners.
I guess this next match was an inter gender match as two of the luchadors were men dressed as women. The team of Cinthia Moreno & Casandro beat Rosy Moreno & Rubi Gardenia. One of the males, Rubi who is in the black and red on the mat, would go out to the crowd to kiss the male fans, that's if he could catch them.
Next up was the minis match as La Parkita & Mascarita Sagrada beat Mini Abismo Negro & Espectrito. Both Sagrada and Negro were unmasked in this match but they did a good job of covering up their face.
Super Astro & Solar beat El Arcangel & Pantera.
The main event of the night was former WWE superstar Super Porky & Rey Mysterio Sr & Universo 2000 VS Apost0l 13 & Renegado & Mano Negra. Apostol 13 and Renegado are local guys. Super Porky got the win as he did a splash on all three members of the other team.

Friday, May 04, 2007

AWA RUSH Mankato, MN 5/3/2007

AWA Pro Wrestling RUSH held their monthly card at the Bandanna Brewery in Mankato, MN this past Thursday night.
Arya Daivari won a 3 way elimination match against Matty Star and Jaysin Strife.
Benjamin Sailer beat Arik Cannon with a roll up.
The Junk Squad beat Aaron Corbin & Zac James. This Junk Squad tandem tried out their new version of the junk sandwich.
Jake Taylor beat Shimdog with a little help from the ropes.
The Northstar Express beat Twisted Steal-N-Sex Appeal. Before the match Casanova had another one of his challenges as he and his tag team partner Rob James took on Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin in a 3 legged race around the ring. NSE won that challenge.
Devin Carter retained the AWA RUSH Youtube TV title by beating El Viejo.
Joey Envy became the new AWA RUSH champion in a 3 way elimination Bunkhouse match with former champion Chris Jordan and Brody Hoofer. Gator Magraw was suppose to be in this match but he announced his retirement from wrestling and picked Hoofer as his replacement in this match. Magraw will wrestle 3 more matches before he retires because of shoulder problems.