Friday, January 22, 2016

F1RST Wrestling Des Moines, IA 1/9/16

Promotion: F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza
Time/Date: 8pm Saturday January 9, 2016
City, State: Des Moines, Iowa
Venue: Woolys

Wildcat  defeated Yellow Dog and the Estonian Farmer Frog in a triple threat match.

Phoenix L'amour did a cowgirl burlesque routine.

Heidi Lovelace defeated Melanie Cruise.

Masked Intruder rocked the house.

Arik Cannon pinned Chuck Taylor.

The 3XW champion Nate Redwing defeated Venom, Kody Rice and Stephen King in a 4 way match to retain the title.

Masked Intruder came out for another set and Heidi Lovelace sang a song with them.

F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza champion Ariya Daivari pinned Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana to retain the title.

Sigourney Beaver did a multi pro wrestler burlesque number.

Masked Intruder played a third set. Officer Bradford was off duty this time.

F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza tag team champions The North Star Express (Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin) defeated Four Star Heroes (Chris Castro & Matt Nicks), The Sex Bob-ombs (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) and the Hooligans to retain the titles.

Friday, January 15, 2016

F1RST Wrestling Minneapolis, MN 1/8/2016

Promotion: F1RST Wrestling presents Wrestlepalooza VII
Time/date: 8pm Friday January 8, 2016
City, State: Minneapolis, MN
Venue: First Ave night club

For the second time F1RST Wrestling's Wrestlepalooza sold out First Ave. This time online tickets were sold out the night before the event with only a few tickets being sold at the door when it opened at 7pm. I think it's time for First Ave to put F1RST Wrestling on a star on the outside wall.

DJ Snuggles kicked off the event.

The Estonian Farmer Frog defeated Wildcat, Venom and John Johnson in a 4 way match.

Sweetpea took to the ring for a burlesque routine dressed as She-Ra.

Chuck Taylor pinned Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana.

Masked Intruder played their first of two sets.

Officer Rob Justice interrupted Masked Intruder's set and challenged Officer Bradford to a match. Bradford pinned Justice.

Heidi Lovelace was scheduled to wrestle Sally Stiches. When Stiches came out for their match earlier she was knocked out by Wrestlepalooza champion Ariya Daivari. F1RST Wrestling promoter Arik Cannon booked himself to be the referee for Daivari's match. When Cannon came out Lovelace challenged him to a match seeing as how she didn't have an opponent. Lovelace pinned Cannon to win the match.

F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza Champion Ariya Daivari pinned Johnny Gargano to retain the title.

Queenie Von Curves matched Sweetpea's 80's cartoon burlesque act with Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.

"Playboy" Pete Huge pinned Kody Rice.

F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza tag team champion The Northstar Express ( Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin)defeated The Hooligans to retain the title.