Thursday, May 28, 2009

NLW Minneapolis, MN 5/25/2009

Northern Lights Wrestling set up their ring under the hot sun on this Sunday before Memorial Day in Minneapolis, MN. This was part of a weekend long celebration at Mayslacks bar. Man, that black canvas ring was hot!
In the opening match City Pages best Professional Wrestler in Minnesota Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday defeated Udo.
Ann Brookstone defeated Butchie Davis in an inter gender match.
Cory O'Neill pinned Aaron Corbin.
ROH world champion Jerry Lynn and NLW champion JB Trask wrestled to a double count out. This match was announced as a title vs title.
In the main event Horace the Psychopatch & Buddha defeated Sweat Stevie and Gene Gadaski.

F1rst Wrestling: The Return 09

When I first posted the 8SQ with Cody O'Neill I ended the post with an error. I gave the wrong date for the next F1rst Wrestling event so I decided to do a post with the poster for that show which features the return of Sean "The Lightning Kid" Waltman to Minneapolis, MN as he is scheduled to take on his former Pro Wrestling America tag team champion partner Jerry Lynn.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

8 Stupid Questions with Cody O'Neill

Name:The Suntan Superman Cody O'Neill
Years Pro:7
Weight:177 1/4 lbs.
Home town:Burnsville MN
1. How did you get your start in pro wrestling?2 of my friends went to an indy show(MPW) in Owatonna i think it was and met the one and only Sheriff Johnny Emerald. We went to the St.Louis Park camp and tried out. I started training with sheriff and shifty. Then trained with Arik Cannon and I am proud to say that I am his F1RST student!(Kaos Vs Arik Cannon 10/19/2003 MPW)
2. You used to get chants of “umpa lumpa”. Do you think that Johnny Depp was a better Willy Wonka than Gene Wilder?I loved Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. He was very good in that movie and treated the umpa lumpa's better it seemed. (Cody O'Neill on his way to the ring 6/17/2007 F1rst Wrestling)
3. Who was your favorite pro wrestler before you got into pro wrestling?Like everyone else I was a huge Hogan fan. After I was in the biz guys like muta,marafuji,Chris Daniels, mike modest,Donovan Morgan, and nick dinsmore were a few that I enjoyed. (Cody O'Neill Vs Matt Sydal aka Evan Borne 11/27/2004 MPW)
4. The word “insane” is tattooed on your back. Do you think you have to be insane to be a pro wrestler? Yes I do think that! Barbedwire, light tubes, thumbtacks, and cage matches you tell me! (tattoos 10/25/2004 MPW locker room)
5. You’re the father of a young boy, are there any kids shows you like to watch with him?Everything on Nick Jr. playdate I love. We are both pretty entertained with Spongebob,Pirates trilogy,Batman, and disney/pixar movies. (Cody O'Neill VS V2 aka Ryan Cruz 9/12/2004)
6. Do you remember that one match against Kid Krazy where you got knocked out?Very little but I do. I remember knowing that I got knocked out and getting into the ring again and thinking I could remember all the spots...... Boooooooyyy was I wrong! Word to all wrestlers do not finish that match after getting knocked out just take the count out! (Cody O'Neill VS Kid Krazy 11/14/2004 MPW)
7. Who would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with, Scarlett Johansson, Ashton Kutcher or John Herder? You would at least have something in common with all three as they all have twin siblings like you do.Ashton Kutcher. I just think that he and I would get along great and not have a dull moment even though we would be on a deserted island. Man if that were true my tan would look great. (Cody & Cory O'Neill VS Aaron Corbin 4/4/2009 AWF)
8. You say that you are retiring from pro wrestling soon. Why and what will you miss?I am retiring because I am beat up and I am done putting my body through the pain for such little $$$, it just doesn't make sense. I will miss the boys the most. There are some guys that are a joy to be around and others that are pricks and will never get that the biz is not just about them. I'll miss all my fans especially the kids, kids are what make life go from in the ring and more importantly when I get home and that's the big reason for leaving the biz, no one can pay me enough to spend time away from my son and wife! (O'Neill with fan sign 11/27/2004) Editors note: O'Neill's last match is scheduled for June 19th for F1rst Wrestling at First Ave. His opponent is Arik Cannon.

Friday, May 08, 2009

IWA MNSavage, MN 5/2/2009

Last Saturday night the Intercontinental Wrestling Association MN returned to Niesens Bar in Savage, MN for a big night of wrestling action.
The first match of the night was a ladies match between Ann Brookstone and Allison Wonderland. These two are no strangers to each other as they have wrestled each other in singles matches and mixed tag many times. Wonderland got this win this night after she hit a G Spot on Brookstone.
In the second match of the night Sammy Savard defeated Aaron Corbin.
The Brauler defeated Jesse Chan. This match was the debut of Chan's new mask. Now all he needs is to replace his pajama bottoms.
Bad Boy Brian defeated Chad Strong.
JB Trask pinned Horace the Psychopath after a super kick. Horace challenged Trask to a hard core match at IWA MN's next card at Niesons in August.
Mitch Paradise defeated Thoruf Marius & Big Punisher. I'm not sure why this was booked as a handicap match. Paradise is a big guy but both Marius and Punisher and bigger then him. Paradise got the win after some help from the Brauler. This was my first time seeing Big Punisher as I think this was his first match or second match.

Friday, May 01, 2009

NPW Hayward, WI 4/25/2009

This past Saturday night Northwoods Pro Wrestling (aka MIW) returned to the L.C.O. Casino in Hayward, Wisconsin. I got to the L.C.O. as the first match had already started and was surprised when I got to the ring to find that the ring was about a foot higher then normal. This was a big change from the night before at Roberts Sports Bar as that ring was about 2 feet off the ground. It took me a while to adjust to this new ring height. Ok, I never did adjust to that ring height. I hope I never see another ring that high again.
Benjamin Sailer defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge w/Allison Wonderland.
Cooter Bocephus pinned "The Law" Mark Barker.
K-Train defeated Cpl. Julio Julio.
In an upset, Daryl Hall pinned Thoruf Marius. Not only did Hall give up size and weight to Marius but he also had to deal with the Masked Jungle Fight who was in the corner of Marius. Luckily for Hall Cpl. Julio came out and fought with MJF to the back.
"The Popular" Nate Bash became the new NPW cruiser weight champion when he defeated Shimdog. After the match Bash invited kids from the crowd to come in the ring to celebrate his win.
Mitch Paradise and The Black Stallion wrestled to become the #1 contender to the MIW heavy weight title. The match ended in a time limit draw so the title match with Brody Hoofer became a 3 way match.
The main event for the night was a 3 way dance tables match for the MIW heavy weight title between Mitch Paradise, The Black Stallion and champ Brody Hoofer. Brody Hoofer retained the MIW heavy weight belt when he put The Black Stallion through a table.