Thursday, May 31, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 5/25/2012

Prime Time Wrestling held their last card of the season at the Bloomington Knights of Columbus this past Friday night. PTW will be taking the Summer months off and return to action in the Fall.
IMG_7431In the opening match Ryan Cruz defeated Arya Daivari.
IMG_7511El Bano defeated The Brauler in a deportation match.
IMG_7525PTW had a contract signing with KC hall general manager Jim Rasmussen to renew their contract for another year. Next to Rasmussen and PTW commissioner Tobin are Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio host Big D and Crisco.
IMG_7558Mikey Wipeout pinned John Johnson. This was Wipeout’s return to the ring after being out with an injury for a few months.
IMG_7597Wipeout and Johnson both had valets for there match. Johnson, subbing for Robbie Thunder,  was with Tiger Lilly. Wipeout was with new comer Delanie Neal seen in the red, white, and blue on the floor.
IMG_7716Mitch Paradise won the ‘hair VS hair’ match against Magic Man. In order to get an edge over the bigger Paradise, Magic Man had Rainmaker at ring side to help him out. Rainmaker turned on Magic Man causing Magic Man to loose the match. Magic Man was held in the chair by Ryan Cruz and Mikey Wipeout as Paradise cut his hair.
IMG_7729Before the main event there was a poetry contest. Rick was pick from the crowd to read his poem against Billy Blaze’s poem. The fan were then asked which one they liked better. The fans cheered more for Rick’s poem but Lenny Lane said Blaze was the winner because they booed more for Blaze. Not only is Rick a really great poet but he is also a great web master. Check out Ricks web site,
IMG_7764The Black Stallion & Chiropractor DC defeated Lenny Lane & Billy Blaze. Big D was the special guest enforcer referee because of all the cheating Lane has done to win his matches..In this tag team match Lane’s PTW heavy weight title was on the line. If Lane or Blaze were pinned then who ever made the pin got the title.
IMG_7791Chiropractor DC became the new PTW heavy weight champion when he pinned Lenny Lane.

Friday, May 18, 2012

CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan

wwe.com2This Sunday at the WWE Over The Limit PPV the WWE champion CM Punk will take on the challenge of Daniel Bryan. To promote that match this week posted a story about the history between Punk and Bryan. That story included photos I took for Pro Wrestling Illustrated back in 2004. The match took place at the St. Paul Armory for Ring of Honor when Bryan was then know as Bryan Danielson. No titles were on the line in that match on April 23 but Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was the special guest referee. Bryan won that match when he made Punk tap out. Will he be able to make Punk tap out again this Sunday?
wwe.com4CM Punk spent his first few years in pro wrestling in Steel Domain Wrestling which held most of its card in West Saint Paul, just down the road from where this ROH card took place.You can watch this match at ROH’s web site which I’ve linked here. Look for me at ring side, I'm the one in the red shirt.

Friday, May 04, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 4/27/2012

Prime Time Wrestling was back at the Bloomington Knights of Columbus for their monthly show this past Friday night.
The first contest of the night was an arm wrestling match between The Brauler and El Bano. The contest ended when The Brauler poked El Bano in the eye. I think The Brauler was really intimidated by El Bano’s Over the Top hat. Some guy from the I.N.S. came in to the ring to announce that El Bano did not have a green card so he was taking El Bano back to Mexico. The PTW commissioner got in the ring and asked the I.N.S. guy if he could pay El Bano’s bond to keep him in the country until next months card when they will have a looser get deported match.
IMG_5589Magic Man defeated Chris Dorrian after Dorrian hit his head on the ceiling beam.
IMG_5666Magic Man thought that his match with Dorrian was so easy he challenged the next wrestler who walked out of the locker room. Magic Man was so confident that he could beat anyone that he said he would cut off his hair if he lost. Mitch Paradise was the next wrestler to walk out. Magic Man changed his mind about wrestling Paradise right then but said he would wrestle him next month if Paradise beat The Executioner. Paradise did beat The Executioner by tap out.
IMG_5768The Black Stallion defeated Robbie Thunder with Lilly. Thunder got some help from Lilly but she got a little too involved while she was on the ring apron when The Black Stallion pushed Thunder into her.
IMG_5985PTW champion Lenny Lane pinned Renny D. Lanes feet were on the ropes and ref Rob Page did not see it. Page should really go to a doctor to get his eyes checked.