Saturday, January 28, 2012

PTW Bloomington, MN 1/20/2012

Prime Time Wrestling returned to the Knights of Columbus in Bloomington, MN for their monthly shows. On this card PTW would crown their first champion.
IMG_0281The opening match was to determine who would face Lenny Lane in the main event for the PTW championship. Chiropractor DC defeated Magic Man to earn the the championship match. Magic Man was with out his hairdresser on this night but he still had his can of hair spray.
IMG_0390The Executioner defeated Chris Dorrian.
IMG_0427The Rainmaker came out for his match. While his music was playing it changed to “The Candy man”. It was Magic man who had the music changed. While The Rainmaker was distracted, Ian Xavier came out and gave The Rainmaker a big splash. The Black Stallion came out to save The Rainmaker.
IMG_0566After The Black Stallion saved The Rainmaker he challenged Ian Xavier to an match but Magic Man said he had a different opponent in mind. Out cam Robbie Thunder with Tiger Lilly to take on Stallion. When Lilly came in the ring to help Thunder Jordana K came out to attack Lilly. For some odd reason referee Willy Mack awarded the match to Thunder by DQ. This was Jordana’s first time in the ring. It’s nice to see some new females in the Minneapolis area. Hopefully both Lilly and Jordana will be around for awhile.
IMG_0692John Johnson pinned Cpl. Julio Julio. As you can see in the photo here Johnson had his feet on the ropes to get the pin but ref Willy Mack didn’t see it. But Mack reversed his decision when Johnson beat down Julio after the match. So Julio got the win by DQ.
IMG_0891Lenny Lane became the first PTW champion when he pinned Chiropractor DC. The fans were teased at the start of the match when DC pinned Lane and special guest senior referee Rob Page counted 3. But Lane pointed out that the bell had not yet rang for the match to started. Boy did Page look dumb. DC tapped to to Lane’s boston crab to make Lane the champion.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Heavy D and Ox in March 2012 PWI

IMG_8624The March 2012 Awards issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated  has a photo from last years Heavy On Wrestling show featuring Heavy D and Ox from the Barking Spiders. The photo appears on page 24 in the “year in review” section, which could be called the “year in funny captions’. The funny caption for the photo, which was taken seconds before the one shown here, has to do with Zach Gowen missing his prosthetic leg.

IMG_8609Don’t worry Zach Gowen fans, that is not his leg. The leg actually belongs to Heavy D’s little brother. Clutch grabbed Heavy D’s little brother from the crowd and dragged him into the ring. Heavy D had been taken from the ring by Mark Barker for being too drunk to wrestle. D returned to the ring and used his brothers leg to hit Ox and make the pin to get the win.

This issue of PWI should be on news stands now. If you can’t find it on the magazine racks at your local store you can order it from their web site, pwi-online, for only $5.95. That’s $4 off cover price. PWI is now also available in digital format for only $4.99. A yearly subscription cost only $29.95.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“The Wrestler” staring Vern Gagne

Pepit's Parkway theatre in Minneapolis, MN will be screening “The Wrestler” Jan 27, 2012 - Feb 1, 2012. This is the original “The Wrestler” made back in 1974 and stared Ed Asner, Vern Gagne and Billy Robinson. Many other wrestlers from the AWA appear in the film such as Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdock who are in a great bar room brawl scene. If you watch really close you can even see Ric Flair.

IMG_0141On Friday the 27 Greg Gagne (pictured on the right with former tag team partner Jim Brunzell who was also in the movie)will be appearing at the 6:300 showing and doing a Q & A after the movie. Gagne can be seen as a referee in the movie. On Saturday Vern Gagne is scheduled to make an appearance.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucha Libre wrestling school in Minneapolis

IMG_7442A new pro wrestling school has opened up in Minneapolis, MN. The Black Boy lucha libre wrestling school is located at 1121 Jackson St. in North East Minneapolis. This is in the same place that Sheriff Johnny Emerald last had the Midwest Pro Wrestling training camp back in 2005. For more info on this school call 651-230-9351.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AWF Monticello, MN 1/7/2012

The American Wrestling Federation returned to the Monticello high school for another fund raiser/TV taping. AWF Saturday Night Slam is now taped in HD!.
IMG_9380In the opening match The Black Stallion pinned “All Star” Paul Brewski.
IMG_9537“6% Body Fat” Rob James beat “Livewire” Johnny Parks with the lipo buster, aka Canadian destroyer. This was actually a tag team match with James and Parks teaming with teachers from Monticello High School. After the match James told his partner to kick Parks while he was down. Teachers are really good guys so all the teachers pummeled James.
IMG_9675Former AWF heavy weight champion Tony DeNucci pinned John Johnson after a big splash from the top rope.
IMG_9917Arya & Shawn Daivari beat AWF heavy weight champion Wildcat & Ryan Cruz. Arya hit Wildcat with the title belt to get the 3 count from ref Rob Page.
IMG_0205The main event was a royal rumble with all the wrestlers from the four previous matches minus the teachers and Wildcat. Benjamin Sailer was also in the rumble but he didn’t last long. No wonder the AWF doesn’t book him. Johnny Parks was the winner of the match when he skinned the cat and pulled Rob James out to the floor.