Sunday, November 02, 2008

8 Stupid Questions with "Playboy" Pete Huge

Name: "Playboy" Pete Huge
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 203 lbs
From: Your Girlfriends Bedroom
Years Pro: 10
1) Who trained you and what’s the most important thing you learned in their camp? Eddie Sharkey and Terry Fox. I learned respect for your peers and the business. And arm drags. (Huge Vs Brody Hoofer with Terry Fox as referee)
2)Where is a good place to get a burger around here? Matt's Bar in South Minneapolis. 35th and Cedar. Home of the Jucy Lucy! Don't fall for that 5/8 Club shit! They suck! (Junk Squad Vs the O'Neills at NPW 1/28/2006)
3)Do you have any weird superstitions/rituals that you do before matches?I'm very superstitious. I can't tell you about about most of them, because that's bad luck. However, my lucky draws, that's a different story. I have worn them for EVERY pro wrestling match I've ever had...except one. And what happened? I got seriously hurt my arm on a frog splash (funny, I know). I was out for like four months. Everybody in the locker room loves them. That's 10 years worth of matches... (Huge with lucky Calvin Kleins and Rob Page 2007)
4)Who would win in a wrestling match Obama or McCain? How about a 3 way dance of Obama, McCain and yourself? I would kick the crap outta both of them and then take their wives and do what would only come naturally. Politicians are dumb. (Huge Vs Shawn Daivari at MIW 10/12/2003)
5)Is there really a G Spot? Yes, there is a g-spot. I have found it. Numerous, numerous times...(Huge Vs Kaos at CCWA 8/13/2003)
6)Real fast with out thinking about it, how many times have you wrestled Big Brody/Daddy Hoofer? Maybe half of my matches lol. Maybe like 50? Dunno. I'm pretty sure I've won most of them.(Huge Vs Brody Hoofer at F1rst Wrestling 2008)
7)What made you want to be a wrestler? Ric Flair. He was cool. He had money and girls. He would take an ass whiping and still somehow win. He was always cocky and entertaining. As a little kid, that's what I wanted to be when I grew up. That and I thought it would be a good way to meet chicks. (Huge Vs Lacey at Lucha show 4/11/2004)
8)Uh... so... do you like... stuff? Stuff and things. (Huge Vs Black Stallion at PWA 5/22/2004)

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