Sunday, April 19, 2009

8 Stupid Questions with Big Brody Hoofer

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 233 lbs
Years Pro: 10 years
Home Town: Pittsburgh, PA
1. Why did you want to become a pro wrestler and how did you go about becoming one? I wanted to be a rassler since early 1984, when the footage of Hulk Hogan beating the Iron Shiek first aired on All American Wrestling. Always fantasized about it, but never thought it was realistic until one fateful afternoon in 1998. I struck up a conversation with the inimitable Marvin Rubin, who introduced me to Eddie Sharkey shortly thereafter. Before I knew it, I was enrolled in Eddie's camp and began learning the ropes from him and Terry Fox. (Vs Aaron Corbin FLWA 10/21/2005 with Eddie Sharkey as referee)
2.Being an indy wrestler you go on lots of road trips. Who would you rather have as a road trip partner, Jim Helwig, Jake Roberts or The Honky Tonk Man?I'd have to draw on personal experience to answer this. As a young boy in Duluth, I'd hang out behind the old Arena to try and meet the wrestlers. Mr. Hellwig emerged from the back as his limo driver had brought him a sandwich. I wished him luck on his forthcoming title match vs Hogan at WM VI. He replied that he did not need any luck and walked away from me - no autograph. So no to him. I will always be a huge Jake the Snake fan, but the day I met him was, well, not one of his best. So that makes the choice easy - Honky all the way. A great guy to chat with, and who really loves the business. Can't wait to see him again in June. ( VS The Honkey Tonk Man HOW 6/14/2008)
3. Anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like indy wrester Ted Dixon of the Dixon/Sexon Connection?I've been told that, but not since I cut off my ricockulous mane of hair. I surely consider that to be a compliment, though - that guy was truly everything one should strive to be. (Ted "The Piston" Dixon Vs Shawn Daivari MIW 10/31/2003)
4. I've heard that you're a big sports fan so I have to know, what team has the best mascot?Easy call - Steely McBeam of the greatest, the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is the only one I do not detest. Crunch and T.C. are both well aware of my feelings, and know to steer clear of potential sucker punches. Then, there was this shampoo bottle in Elk River....( AWF 2/7/2009)
5. You ever get tired of beating up Pete Huge in the ring?Absolutely not. Been doing it for ten years and it has never once gotten old. A perfect week for me would be six nights of beating his ass. I'd spend the seventh night with a couple cocktails and review the footage of the week and have a good laugh. ( VS Pete Huge F1rst Wrestling 1/25/2008)
6. What is that loud music you use for your entrance?That would be 'Endvisioned' by upstate New York's finest death metal practitioners, Skinless. I've formed a friendship and something of of a business relationship with them, as it turns out they are wrestling fans. We try to hype each other where we can and they hook me up with shirts and hats and stuff. (F1rst Wrestling 1/25/2008)
7. Did you watch the movie "The Wrestler" starring Vern Gagne?No, which sucks, because I am a big mark for Ed Asner. (VS Scotty Too Hotty AWF 4/19/2008)
8. You used to be known as 'Big Daddy Hoofer' but then you recently changed to 'Big Brody' Hoofer'. What's up with that? Just felt that 'Big Daddy' was getting stale, so I opted to grow a first name. It ended up being something of a tribute. (VS Detroit Slim CCWA 8/13/2003

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