Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3XW Des Moines, IA 8/6/2010

For the first time since October 2007 I made my way down to Des Moines, Iowa for a 3XW card. Int the three years the 3XW roster has not changed much as many of the same guys were since the last time. One thing that has changed is the location for their events. 3XW now runs out of the Des Moines Social Club in down town Des Moines. This card was the second annual King of Des Moines tournament that featured 8 of 3XW's best wrestlers and two title matches.
There was a pre show match between Brady A. Dezire and Jon West. West was one of only two on this card that I had never seen before. Dezire won the match with a super kick.
The the first tournament match Zach Thompson defeated Nate Bash. Both men are fan favorties but Thompson was voted most popular 3XW wrestler 2009.
In the second first round match Brain Ash w/ Todd Countryman defeated Maddog McDowell. This match featured the two biggest men in 3XW.
Jeremy Wyatt defeated Benjamin Sailer in another first round match. Wyatt hit Sailer in the jimmy and rolled him up for the three count.
In the final first round match Mark Sterling defeated Devin Carter. Sterling made Carter tap out to his version of the sharp shooter.
Jeremy Wyatt advanced to the finals by defeating Zach Thompson. Thompson tapped out to Wyatt's cross face submission hold.
Mark Sterling pinned Brain Ash with Todd Countryman. Ash tried using a foriegn objest that was handed to him by Countryman but Sterling still got the win to advance to the finals.
3XW Unified Pure Wrestling Champion Jimmy Rockwell retained his belts in a six man scramble match. The other five men in the match were Casanova, Sir Bradley Charles, Hunter Matthews, Aaron Masterson and Ryan Slade.
Rory Fox sucessfully defended the 3XW Heavyweight championship against Ricky Kwong with Chad Mylan. Fox was featured in Mtv's True Life: I'm a pro wrestler show a few years back.
In the King of Des Moines finals Mark Sterling defeated Jeremy Wyatt in a 30 minute plus match.
Mark Sterling, 2010 King of Des Moines. He now gets all his extra value meals super sized at any fast food resturant in Des Moines and a really big trophy.

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