Monday, December 15, 2008

8 Stupid Question with The Black Stallion

Name: The Black Stallion
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 242 lbs
Home Town: Dallas, TX
Years Pro: 10
1.When was your first pro match and what do you remember about it? My first pro match was against Terry Fox in September 1999 at the Indian Community Center. And yes, I whipped his ass from pillar to post! (Stallion VS Mitch Paradise 11/12/03 DCW)
2.What was your first car? My first car was a Buick Century. (Stallion VS Johnny Parks 12/10/05 Neo Pro)
3. Did it hurt when you got those tattoos? Pain is only a state of mind, in order to be in this business you must enjoy dwelling in it! So to answer your question, yes it hurt and I love it!
4. You were the last AWA RUSH heavy weight champion. Who do you think was the best AWA heavy weight champion, Vern Gagne or Curt Hennig? Curt Henning was THE best AWA champion, with myself running a close second…(Stallion after winning the AWA RUSH title with Aaron Corbin & Gator Magraw 9/27/07 AWA RUSH)
5. Speaking of Curt Hennig, Do you like his song ‘Rap is Crap’? When he made that song, rap was in its infancy. I am sure he would love rap music today! I think lil Wayne would be one of his favorites! (Stallion VS Big Daddy Hoofer 9/6/06 Neo Pro)
6. What is your least favorite type of match to in? My least favorite match is a dog collar match!!!!! JB Trask is on my hit-list. This is far from over! He has had more dog collar matches than anyone in the history of Minnesota wrestling, while I’ve only had one! The TLC match is MY specialty match; I have NEVER lost a TLC match! All you have to do is ask The Bigg Gunns (Big Brody Hoofer and James Thomas) how good I am at this match! (Stallion VS JB Trask 11/15/08 NLW)
7. On 11/13/2004 in Shakopee, MN you got to tag with Road Warrior Animal in a match against Big Daddy Hoofer & Tommy Gunn. Was that cool or what? It was an honor and a privilege to fight along side one of the greatest wrestlers of all time!! (Stallion with tag partner Animal 11/13/04 MIW)
8. Stallion, you like movies about gladiators? I like the movie “Paparazzi”… Have you seen it? It’s about a punk ass photographer that gets his ass smoked by a big time star like myself! Watch your back Wayne, watch your back! (Stallion VS Thoruf Marius 12/6/08 AWF)

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