Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new place to train for pro wrestling- The GWA

(Editors Note 10/11/2011- This training camp never really got started)
Former AWA tag team and tv champion Greg Gagne has returned to the pro wrestling biz with a new training camp call the Gagne Wrestling Academy (or is it Gagne Wrestling Association? It's listed both ways on the web site). It looks like Gagne wants to pass on the great tradition of pro wrestling that his father passed on to him.
Helping Gagne will be former AWA light heavyweight champion Buck Zumhofe and his Rock N Wrestling promotion. Zumhofe promotes over 150 cards a year and he has been training wrestlers for many years.
One of the wrestlers that Zumhofe has trained is Sammy Savard. At the GWA Savard will be training the basics of pro wrestling to all the begginers.
Helping with the training will be the first two graduates of the GWA, "Lover Kid" Erik Lockhart and "All Star" Paul Brewski.
The GWA wants women to train with them as well. Zumhofe's daughter Heather and Mystik Sexton are the women who will train any females who sign up to train with the GWA.

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