Friday, October 29, 2010

MIW Chanhassen, MN 10/23/2010

Minnesota Independent Wrestling returned to the Chanhassen American Legion this past Saturday night. On this night there were two other wrestling events in the area just 15 miles away. Because of that some of the wrestlers on this card had already wrestled at one of the other events earlier in the night.
In the first match of the night El Bano defeated "Playboy" Pete Huge with a Vader Slash. Huge was very disappointed that he lost to a toilet.
Next up was a Paradise Pit where Mitch Paradise and Rob Ivy's guest were "Genuine Article" Chris Jordan, "All Star" Paul Brewski and Allison Wonderland. The topic of this Paradise Pit was 'winners and loser's' and Brewski brought of Pete Huge as a loser because of his lose in the first match. Jordan and Brewski attached Huge until El Bano made the save.
Rob Ivy defeated Death Mask in the second match of the night. This was Death Mask's first match with MIW. Ivy got the win after a low blow.
Mitch Paradise pinned Horace the Psychopath after a power bomb. During the match Horace was in the corner next to me and he grabbed my shirt. I guess he's not a big fan of my Marvel Secret Wars t-shirt.
After intermission Rob Ivy came to the ring looking for some competition as he thought his match with Death Mask was too easy. Rookie Dorrian came out to accept the challenge. I believe this was Dorrians second match after being trained by Terry Fox. Dorrian got the win over Ivy after a low blow.
Mystik Recognize defeated Ann Brookstone. I think the fans at the American Legion gave Brookstone a new nick name, "Drama Queen". I hope this name catches on and fans everywhere call her Drama Queen.
The main event was scheduled to be Chris Jordan VS MIW heavy weight champion Brody Hoofer for the title. Before the match started Jordan and Paul Brewski attacked Hoofer. Pete Huge came out the make the save so MIW owner Terry Fox made the main event a tag team match with Hoofer and Huge teaming up against Jordan & Brewski with Allison Wonderland. The match ended in a no contest when Huge turned on Hoofer. MIW is scheduled to return to the Chanhassen American Legion on January 8th, 2011.

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