Friday, October 01, 2010

Unnamed Promotion St. Paul, MN 9/18/2010

This was the second event held at the Rumors/ Innuendos night club in down town St. Paul, MN. I have not heard of any name for this promotion as it really just started out as a fund raiser event for an AIDS walk. This event, which I was able to make it to after the AWF show earlier in the night, was called "Wrestle Mania". I heard from the promoter that there will be more wrestling at this venue.
In the opening match Ryan Stone pinned Dirty Ernie with a roll up out of now where.
"The Law" Mark Barker won a triple threat elimination match against Contrast and Patrick McDaniel. Contrast was the first to be eliminated.
Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday defeated Gene Gadaski by pin fall. Gadaski's blue jeans split open in the crotch during this match.
Patriot III defeated JB Trask in a 2 out of 3 falls match up. Patriot III won the first fall and JB took the second fall. Patriot III got the final fall when he had help from on of Trask's valets who was a plant for Patriot III.
In a rematch from last time at Rumors Rob Ivy defeated Mike Hawk.

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