Friday, October 14, 2011

AWF Hayward, WI 10/08/2011

The American Wrestling Federation had a TV taping at the Hayward Sports Center this past Saturday night. The AWF Saturday Night Slam TV show can be seen on channel 45 in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.
IMG_5637AWF COO Tony DeNucci came out before the matches started to address the fans. He was interrupted by El Muerte who said he wanted a match. DeNucci said he would wrestle El Muerte later in the night.
IMG_5674Gunner Clash defeated Apostle 13 after a kick to the jimmy.
IMG_5726“The All Star” Paul Brewski pinned John Johnson. After the match Johnson attacked Brewski because he is a sore looser.
IMG_5771Tony DeNucci defeated El Muerte in a no DQ match. El Muerte means The Death in Spanish.
IMG_5871“Live Wire” Johnny Parks pinned Armageddon after a top rope leg drop. This was my first time seeing Armageddon and he is a really big guy.
IMG_5951Wild Cat defeated “6% body fat” Rob James after a moon sault. This was my first time seeing Wild Cat in action after hearing a lot about him.
IMG_6073AWF champion Arya Daivari pinned Craven Knyte to retain the title.
IMG_6286Wild Cat won the Hayward Rumble to become the new number one contender for the AWF championship. All the wrestler from the night were in this match.

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