Saturday, October 01, 2011

MIW Spring Lake Park, MN 9/10/2011

After shooting ring side at an afternoon show I went home and ate dinner then headed north for an Minnesota Independent Wrestling event. MIW was at Biffs Sports Bar. A few years ago when they promoted at this same place the matches took place out side in a tent but this year they were inside. Four of the wrestler that were on the afternoon show were also on this show.
IMG_3076The show started out with MIW owner Terry Fox coming to the ring to tell the fans of the passing of Little Tokyo on September 6th at the age of 70. Fox then brought out Bad Boy Brian to say a few words about Little Tokyo. Then there was a 10 bell salute.
Little TokyoLittle Tokyo (seen here from 1993 at a show in Columbia Heights, MN) was part of a match at Wrestlemania III.
IMG_3086Mitch Paradise did a Paradise Pit with Rob Ivy and James Jeffries. Paradise picked on Jeffries small size.
IMG_3169Mystik Sexton defeated Ann Brookstone with Paul Brewski by DQ. The DQ came when Brewski tripped Sexton.
IMG_3235Arya Daivari pinned El Bano after a magic carpet ride.
IMG_3279Ugly & Justin Decent defeated Rob Ivy & Mitch Paradise when Decent pinned Paradise. Ugly has been to MIW a few times before but this time he brought his tag team partner with him.
IMG_3384Horace the Psychopath defeated Chris Jordan.
IMG_3470MIW champion “Playboy” Pete Huge defeated James Jeffries to retain the title. Jeffries kick out after one G-Spot from Huge but couldn’t kick out after the second one.
IMG_3544Mystik Sexton & Bad Boy Brian defeated Ann Brookstone & “All Star” Paul Brewski. This match was made by Terry Fox after the ladies match earlier in the card.

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